All photo by Steven Trotman for Bushwick Daily

Bushwick-based party collective BangON!, the creators of the most immersive party experiences in this part of the world, has officially outdid themselves with their epic New Year’s Eve party, Time + Space at a secret location in the industrial East Williamsburg.

For all of you party-goers, a giant 32,000 sq ft warehouse awaited featuring three stages; hyper-quality Funktion-One Sound; immersive lighting and 3D projection mapping. Art installations included a brand new art car, MidnightHolographic Countdown and an UFO Flying Saucer Launch because why not. This craziness was over three months in the making; it took the BangOn! crew a month to finish the warehouse space. Time + Space party was their biggest event yet.

We sent photographer Steven Trotman to experience, and most importantly to document, all this madness. He returned with a bunch of poetic photographs featuring people having the time of their life, performers entertaining a crowd of thousands and beautiful art installations. “The place was totally packed,” Steven told us about his night. “I befriended a few people along the way during and after the party. The cold really brings out the friendliness in people,” he laughed.