Joshua Cave in “Natural Tendencies” (Image courtesy of OUTLET Fine Art)

Get ready for a jam-packed weekend of art openings in the neighborhood and beyond: Newcomer Chasm Gallery hosts its second opening this Friday and new series Norte Maar Presents @ Schema Projects is underway with an opening the same night. Catch up on Saturday with openings at Good Work Gallery and Theodore:Art, and save the last dance with TWO openings at Brooklyn Wayfarers on Sunday.


“ME/ME” @ Chasm Gallery (FRI 6-8 PM)

56 Bogart St. Brooklyn, NY 11206

“ME/ME” opens at Chasm Gallery on Friday, November 7 (Image courtesy of Chasm)

The new Chasm Gallery inside 56 Bogart will hold its second opening this Friday with a two-artist show on data, duality and representation in the digital age. In “ME/ME” artists Man Bartlett and Kristin McIver embrace the “me” culture by exploring the reproducibility of the self and the commodification of identity. This foray into self-reflection takes on a playful critique through Bartlett’s drawings and prints, while McIver’s neon text installations further push these reflections amid photo-saturated internet art.

“Natural Tendencies” @ OUTLET (FRI 7-10 PM)

253 Wilson Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11237

Genesis Belanger in “Natural Tendencies” (Image courtesy of OUTLET)

From “Beneath the Skin” to natural phenomena, OUTLET takes a deviating step with “Natural Tendencies”—a new group show inspired by nature’s rich metaphoric properties. See how the outdoors manipulates Genesis Belanger’s sculptural works, weathering them against seasonal elements. Joshua Cave uses the outside world to reveal what lies underneath, while Javier Barrios embraces science to build layers of terrains that hint at the vastness of the universe and our place in nature.

Norte Maar Presents “:18 Years of Intaglio Prints” @ Schema Projects (FRI 7-10 PM)

92 St. Nicholas Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11237

From Jennifer Melby’s print editions: “Andrew Spence, Untitled” (Image courtesy of Norte Maar)

In celebration of its 10th anniversary, non-profit arts organization Norte Maar will be curating new exhibitions, readings, and performances at Schema Projects from now through March 2015. This Friday is the opening of “18 Years of Intaglio Prints” with an historic show of prints and collaborations by Jennifer Melby alongside works by Sol LeWitt and Brice Marden.

Farrell Brickhouse solo exhibition @ Life On Mars Gallery (FRI 6-9 PM)

56 Bogart St. Brooklyn, NY 11206

Farrell Brickhouse, “Diver” (Image courtesy of Life on Mars Gallery)

Illuminating the subconscious and blending scale with mythology, painter Farrell Brickhouse finds the ultimate way to move viewers with his new solo exhibition. He’s been honing his painting process for over 35 years, infusing personal stories and authenticating his purpose. Life On Mars Gallery has also created a 19-plate color catalogue of his works, including an essay by art historian Robert C. Morgan to accompany the exhibition.

The gallery’s Project Room will also feature works by James Prez, showcasing more of a design aesthetic compared to Brickhouse’s intimate paintings.

“Paintings to Match Your Couch!” @ Amos Eno Gallery (FRI 6-8 PM)

1087 Flushing Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11237 (Suite 120 – Inside The Loom)

Fascinated by the tensions between opposites (i.e. chaos and order, emotion and intellect, creation and decay) painter Anthony Cuneo will showcase five triptychs for the opening of “Paintings to Match Your Couch.” Using bold colors, geometric motifs, and uneven textures of layered paint, Cuneo throws a nod to his kindergarten art experiences and celebrates the finger-painter in all of us.


“RENDERING” @ Good Work Gallery (SAT 6-9 PM)

1100 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11221

“Naught Be All Else (Be Thou My Vision Suite)” in the upcoming show “RENDERING,” opening Saturday, November 8 (Image courtesy of Good Work Gallery)

Good Work Gallery’s Scott Goodman takes a graphical approach to painting in his new group show  “RENDERING.” Contrasting the impersonal qualities of the digital image with the painterly touch of each artist, the works may contain snippets of clipart, logos and textile patterns. Think of this as a re-approach the mainstream and a refresh of commercial or pop imagery.

“More Than This” @ Theodore:Art (SAT 6-9 PM)

56 Bogart St. Brooklyn, NY 11206

“Under 1, 2, 6, & 7” by Sarah Reynolds for “More Than This” opening Saturday at Theodore:Art (Image courtesy of the artist)

Theodore:Art’s gallery walls are about to get seriously morose as a group of artists contemplate life and mortality in “More Than This.” Large-scale charcoal drawings from Sarah Reynolds’ “Under” series will grimly unfold in bold blends and waves next to splashes, spills and coalesced ideas painted by Erik Hanson—these alongside works by Nancy Handler, Michelle Vaughan and Andrew Witkin.

“Line of Sight” @ Gallery MC (SAT 8-11 PM)

549 W 52nd St 8th Fl, New York, NY 10019

Jen Shepard’s “Hello From Outer Space” in Saturday’s opening for “Line of Sight” (Image courtesy of the artist)

Bushwick-based curator Candace Moeller (who is also curating the TOBY Project Wall at Brooklyn Wayfarers) will stage “Line of Sight” at Gallery MC in midtown Manhattan. Featuring Bushwick-based artists Jen ShepardJonathan Chapline and Alyssa Gorelick, this group show explores the way art reveals one’s perceptions and sensations, and in doing so renews the viewers’ own line of sight. Among this group of artists, each takes on a fresh approach to awaken new energies and reveal new sights around them.


“A Big Enough Vessel (Blue Shrine)” @ Brooklyn Wayfarers TOBY Project Wall (SUN 6-9 PM)

1109 Dekalb Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11221

Emily Gui is next on the TOBY project wall at Brooklyn Wayfarers (Image courtesy of the artist)

Another artist is up on the TOBY project wall at Brooklyn Wayfarers—check out Emily Gui, whose installation “A Big Enough Vessel (Blue Shrine)” features a mix of cyanotypes and ceramics. In her attempt to produce new creations through the choice subject of blue, Gui explores the depth and meaning behind this color-driven feat.

“Business Talk Partner Zone” and KUTIKUTI @ Brooklyn Wayfarers (SUN 6-9 PM)

1109 Dekalb Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11221

“Business Talk Partner Zone” featuring Finnish Collective KUTIKUTI opens Sunday (Image courtesy of Brooklyn Wayfarers)

Comic fans who couldn’t get enough at Comic Con: catch the opening of “Business Talk Partner Zone” this Sunday at Brooklyn Wayfarers! This is a special comic art exhibition with Finnish artist collective KUTIKUTI, bringing the “wild side” of comic arts from abroad over to Bushwick.