Envelope Ensemble is back again with another jazzy theatrical evening. After dropping Electra and Bacchae in your theater-loving laps, they’re offering a free reading this weekend of Michael Perrie Jr.’s new dark comedy Sweet Darkness & the Plot to Destroy Earth, directed by Joshua W. Kelley. The Envelope Ensemble productions have been consistently sharp, vibrant, and lovable, and spending an evening with these folks will leave you sparkling with happiness. 

Photo by Michelle Deng for Bushwick Daily from Envelope Ensemble’s performance of Bacchae

A brief synopsis follows:

“Sweet Darkness” is a backyard space odyssey drawn from the best of 60’s sci-fi and contemporary roommate comedies. Sweet and Dark are two roommates on opposing ends of the 20-something experience, whose relationship gets even more complicated with the purchase of a boyfriend-bot and the crash-landing of two gay aliens.

That’s right, people: Space. The 60’s. Millenials. Robot boyfriends. Aliens. What more could anyone possibly want? The show starts on Sunday, October 19th, with a performance at 4 PM, and another on Monday, October 20th, at 8 PM. The show will be held at the rooftop space at 126 Grattan Ave. RSVPing is encouraged, because space is limited, so snag a spot by emailing cquittyATgmail.com.

“Sweet Darkness” will take place at 126 Grattan Ave on Sunday at 4 PM and Monday at 8 PM. RSVP now!