Some of the elevated backyards on Jefferson Street in Bushwick suspiciously resemble a theater stage. In fact all you need to do is to add are some chairs, theater lightning and you’re almost set… And as we live in Bushwick, the land of unbounded creative forces, it would be actually surprising if somebody didn’t put a play together and stage it at one of those backyard. And so yes, for the second time in the history of 190 Jefferson St., Billy’s Backyard (which is literally a backyard belonging to the director) will turn into a theater with a unique, once (or twice) in a lifetime atmosphere.

A scene from last year’s Electra at Billy’s Backyard (photo by Katarina Hybenova for Bushwick Daily)

Tonight Group IV, a Brooklyn-based theater company is making its debut with a play by Walter Wyke, The Spotted Man starting at 9PM. What to expect? Press release reads:

A curtain is pulled to reveal a man with an apparent case of mysterious spots that a mischievous nurse just can’t seem to see. Absolute chaos follows. The Spotted Manis a wild one act that features Jared Sigler, Melissa Aquiles, and Sarah Gwynne Walker. The evening will be directed by William Gaffney IV, produced by Charles Quittner, lit by Nikie Belliveau, and costumed by Lucca Damilano.

Group IV lead by is dedicated “to creating unique works of theatre, both new and rare, that reflect the diverse economic, political and social backgrounds of their audience. They are deeply rooted in the Brooklyn community, putting on productions in a backyard in the heart of Bushwick.” 

The admission is free, we’re assuming the night is BYOB, and producer Charles Quittner swore that they will have citronella candles to protect you from bugs and mosquitoes who love this time of the year… So it all sounds great!

I personally attended last year’s Electra at Billy’s Backyard put together by Envelope Ensemble (which shares some members with Group IV) and loved the experience of outdoor theater, fresh and crispy air of early fall. So grab a friend or a date (or both) and see you in Billy’s Backyard tonight!

The Spotted Man, 9PM, Billy’s Backyard, 190 Jefferson St., Bushwick, free admission, BYOB