ArtPhotoArt opened at 10 Goodwin Place this Summer with 24/7 access to its print lab and dark room facilities (Photo by Katie Killary for Bushwick Daily)

Photo developing stations are accompanied by a double sink and dry mount press (not pictured)

What’s new in the photo world of Bushwick?

ArtPhotoArt (APA), a photo lab, darkroom and studio space just opened at 10 Goodwin Place, a charming side street between Bushwick Avenue and Broadway. You may already know the owners Ryan Bevilacqua and Patricia Maldonado from Loft 594, a gallery, studio and performance space that closed its doors in June 2014 due to condo developments set to take its place. Now Ryan and Patricia are carrying the spirit of the gallery over to APA—a new and affordable creative space they formed for photographers to hone their craft and show their work.

APA was formed with three set standards:

• A flat monthly fee, allowing members to spend as many hours working as they wish

• A maximum of 20 members (spend more time working and less time waiting!)

• A space to work and relax as well (check out their back patio!)

Members receive 24/7 access to the building, use of the darkrooms, film developing station and photo studio space, as well as the outdoor patio area. The photo studio is just $10 an hour (!) and you can find out more about their memberships and hourly pricing at

This isn’t just a place to take photos or print recent work, it’s a place to tap into your family history—one client has already printed old negatives from her great grandfather’s brownie camera used back in the 1950’s. Think what more you could find by digging up old negatives and bringing them into the lab…

What else is happening over at ArtPhotoArt?

Ryan is offering 2-day classes on how to use a film camera: class 1 teaches you how to load film, get the proper exposure and then practice inside APA’s studio. In class 2 you’ll learn how to develop and print your negatives. Take them home and decorate your fridge! Interested in trying it out? Check out the Groupon deal here.

What’s ArtPhotoArt’s competitive edge?

Not only is APA 24/7, the space provides private dark room usage and members can join in the gallery shows.

When can you check the space out?

Ryan and Patricia are holding an opening party on Saturday, September 13th at 7 PM or contact them to see the space!

ArtPhotoArt offers photo studio space for $10/hour (Images courtesy of APA)

24/7 access to the private darkroom and film developing stations

Learn to use a film camera, develop and print with 2-day darkroom classes taught by Ryan

Backyard mural by painter and muralist Goldie Salimkhan

To see more pictures and updates from ArtPhotoArt, check out their Instagram page.