Ok, so we know its cold. We get it. My Arizona heart hurts when the temperature drops below, say… 50 degrees, so you can imagine what 10 degrees does to yours truly.. While it is so tempting to stay indoors this weekend, bundle up and drink hot toddies by the gallon, let’s all ban together, cuddle close for warmth, and romp through Bushwick for some killer art openings this weekend! This weekend much of the excitement will be centered around the Morgan stop, with a ton of shows opening in the 56 Bogart building, but don’t stop there! If you’re feeling ambitious, this weekend your art adventures can take you all around the neighborhood. Lace up your rubber snow boots, and let’s go see some art!

#1 GROKNATT @ English Kills Gallery (SAT, 7PM-12AM)

Whenever English Kills has an opening, you know it’s gonna be good. While they will sometimes go for longer stretches between shows and events, this gallery brings its A game, with thoughtful, provocative and well-curated shows. This Saturday, English Kills will host an evening of live performance, curated by Peter Dobill and Chris Harding. The event is eloquently described in the press release as a “viking strength” night of performance of “maximum heart, mind, body, and soul.” Make sure to stay to the end to see a live performance from Razorlegs in celebration of their new album.

#2 Tim Bruniges: Mirrors @ Signal Gallery (FRI, 7-10PM)

Tim Bruges at Signal Gallery (courtesy of Signal Gallery)

Making the most of their massive space, Signal Gallery’s opening this weekend will feature a site-specific installation by Sydney-based artist Tim Bruniges. Two humungous cast-concrete “acoustic mirrors” will be positioned across the space from one another, effectively reflective sound off one another. Fashioned after their historic British counterparts, positioned along the coast to track incoming fighter planes, the technology was made defunct after the advent of radar. Bruniges brings back this historic shape and concept and brings it into the gallery space for an entirely unique experience for the viewer.

#3 David Antonio Cruz: allwaysagoodtime @ Momenta Art (FRI 7-9PM)

David Antonio Cruz (courtesy of Momenta Art)

David Antonio Cruz’s work blurs traditional categories of artistic medium in his newest solo show. Finding inspiration from classic domestic Americana to his experience in the queer latino diaspora, Cruz’s work finds a place in a liminal space between reality and the surreal that comes through the combination of unlikely sources. Comfortably floating between installation, video and painting, Momenta’s new exhibition should showcase a veritable wonderland of Cruz’s imagination.

#4 Gathered in a Square, Lost in the Hills: Paul D’Agostino and Ioana Joa @ Slag Contemporary (FRI, 6-9PM)

Ioana Joa’s eerily familiar yet distinctly foreign portraits and genre scenes should perfectly complimented by Paul D’Agostino’s abstracted landscapes. Both artists find a universal truth in their ability to construct settings and scenes that feel close and relatable, but distant. With the goal to both embrace the viewer with an intimacy, yet push them away; denying the ability to truly access the work, should create a dynamic and involved show constantly leaving the us desiring more.

#5 Show #9: Andrea Monti, Stacy Scibelli, and MaryKate Maher @ The Parlour (SAT 6-9PM)

Andrea Monti (photo courtesy of The Parlour)

Possessing distinct minimal tendencies, Parlour’s new group show featuring  Andrea Monti, Stacy Scibelli, and Mary Kate Maher, should prove to be both simple and complex at the same time. While it is sometimes tempting to reduce minimal work as simple or purely conceptually-based, these three artists work is fundamentally work-based and rests firmly in process. Whether it is the amassing of polaroids and images and a constant experimentation with different exposures and techniques of Monti, or Scibelli’s pieces that appear to be clothing, but in actuality are impossible to wear. Giving the viewer both a sense of  comfort and malaise, the artists beckon us to come into their conceived world and processes, leaving it up to the viewer to make sense of it.

#6 Part 2: Elegy in Multi-Chrome: The Death of Yeti and Firebush Opening @ Harbor Gallery (SUN, 5PM)

Justin Cooper (courtesy of Harbor Gallery)

Finish off your week right with a Sunday evening of comedic performance and “ackwardiana” with renowned artists Justin Cooper and Ross Moreno. This Sunday marks Part 2 of a 3-part series meant to accompany their current show, Economy Candy. Inspired by the Lower East Side candy shop by the same name, the artists combine found materials, a jovial attitude and wry humor in their work, possessing a child-like playfulness yet a fully matured wit.