By Dimitrios Manousakis & Katarina Hybenova

The full moon has been said to affect human behavior in many irrational ways. Even though its effect has not been proven scientifically, folklore myths don’t doubt the power of the moon. These myths are centered around women, irrational behavior, lunacy, insomnia, lycanthropy, and ceremonial dancing to the magic of the moon. During the full moon the high tides rise higher and the low tides are lower, and this weekend’s art in Bushwick surely follows that pattern with higher levels of profanity, lower levels of clothing, and increased amounts of love, wrapped around with dance.  Follow the tide and howl to the moon as you are entering an exciting weekend.

#1  Explicit: A Collection Of DickPix @ Morgan Avenue Underground Studios, 55 Morgan Avenue (FRI 8PM)

Explicit is a multimedia exhibit at the Morgan Avenue Underground Studios exploring the boundaries between art and porn. The subjects of intimacy, sexual predation, voyeurism and pornography will be explored through visual art, sound and performances. In that light, the collective Future Femme will be displaying photos of male genitalia received through the magic of today’s technology with all the legal and ethical implications that this display might entail. The occasional dick pic may be fun, risky or sexy, but that doesn’t mean it has to be offensive.

#2 МИШКА x Wizard Skull @ МИШКА, 350 Broadway Avenue (FRI 7-10PM)

Wizard Skull is an illustrator, street artist, skateboarder and a sexy man we grew fond of here at Bushwick Daily. This Friday, МИШКА, a clothing company whose popularity is growing faster than your 3-year old cousin is throwing him a solo show. This will be some serious fun!

3 I Profess My Love To Roberta Through A Collection Of Art @ Armature Art Space (FRI 7-11.45PM)

Christian and Roberta run the Armature Art Space in Bushwick and will be getting married soon. The display of the work of twelve local artists will also be the display of their love, along with love music and love punch in their garden. Art is love, and these two lovers will soon be entering their joint life artfully.

Take Dance company shoot

4 Norte Maar Presents:  Takehiro Ueyama/TAKE Dance @ Socrates Sculpture Park (SAT 3PM)

Another of the series of contemporary dance performances at Socrates Sculpture Park is taking place in LIC this Saturday. Curated by Bushwick’s own Norte Maar, this week will present TAKE Dance, a New York- based contemporary dance company that explores the integration of expressive and physical movement under the lead of its artistic director, Takehiro Ueyama. The admission to the dance is free and promises unique depth and fulfilling experience for the audience!


#5 Bad As I Wanna Be @ Ortega y Gasset Projects (SAT 7-10PM)

Ortega y Gasset is a new gallery at 17-17 Troutman. Their upcoming show Bad as I Wanna Be, organized by Joshua Bienko, includes works by Piper Brett, Layet Johnson, Keith J. Varadi and Andrew Ellis Johnson. Artists have used skin and flesh as a vehicle to explore pornography, torture, meat…

#6 Damn Everything But the Circus @ Pumps (SUN 7PM)

Are you sad you missed the July art show at strip club Pumps? Don’t be! This Sunday you have another chance! Artist Aubrey Rommer prepared another immersive multi-disciplinary experience to shake up our preconceived judgements. The viewer will be transported into the realm of the raunchy, outrageous, and salacious. Look forward to performance art, live drawing to create a fluorescent stream of consciousness, and an installation piece based of a real phone sex conversation. And of course burlesque! Can you imagine a better way to spend your Sunday night?

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