What is Microscope Gallery about? What’s the message you are trying to convey through your existence?

We are showing the works of film, video, sound, and other-time based artists.  Not only their films or videos etc, but also other objects. There is no message, other that these such artists works should be shown and collected just as sculpture, paintings and drawings have been. It took a while for photography to be accepted and I think it is the same with these newer forms.

Tell us about your current exhibition.

The exhibition is called “Eye Transgress” and includes a series of 20 new paintings, new video, sculpture, drawings and other works by Nick Zedd. Nick is a legendary underground figure of the Lower East Side cinematic revolution “Cinema of Transgression”, a term he coined. He calls the paintings “Entities,” and they are manifestations of his “Theory of Xenomorphosis” – which is hard to explain briefly – but it argues that shocking images can transform more than the mind. He talks about the possibility of a super-evolutionary process leading to mutation through the injection of an alien genetic code. These paintings are also influenced by images of real infants born with a rare and usually fatal skin condition, so it’s a intersection of these two ideas.

Who’s the next big thing according to you?

I don’t like saying who is the next hot thing, because I don’t like to single out one artist. There are many artists that have been known for years and those are some really serious artists, but the art world catches up only years later. Take Jonas Mekas for example. He is 88 and has been making groundbreaking films since the 1960’s. Andy Warhol came to him to learn about films and the art world is starting to really recognize him only now. So you could say he is the next hot thing! (she laughs)

Come and learn more about Nick Zedd. Microscope Gallery will be screening 3 of his films on Tuesday January 25, 2011 at 7pm.