Photos by Brittany Natale for Bushwick Daily unless otherwise noted.

Not too long ago DNAinfo praised Bushwick for its bookshop greatness, even going so far as to call Bushwick a literary mecca (ooh lala, well thank you!). So, I went out to some of the Bushwick’s most beloved bookstores to find out what the most popular titles among you Bushwick bookworms are. Here are the results:


My first stop was Molasses, the precious little bookstore on Hart St. that is your one stop shop if you are looking for a good read and a good iced coffee (or beer, if you live by the motto “it is 5 o’clock somewhere”). Here are the most requested authors observed by owner Matt Winn:

1.) Bolano

2.) Bukowksi

3.) Murakami

4.) Richard Brautigan

5.) Winn says Occult and anything Esoteric, such as Tarot Cards, are always quite popularly asked for as well.

Human Relations

Human Relations, 1067 Flushing Ave.

My next stop was Human Relations, which no matter where I may be on Flushing Ave, always seems to pull me in. It has become some sort of weird ritual of mine that after buying spring rolls at Tomo or stopping at the Loom or just simply waiting for the bus, I have to take a peek inside. Well, today on my little visit I learned from co-owner Corey of Human Relations’ most sought after books, which include works by:

1.) Bolano

2.) Bukowksi

3.) Murakami

….See a pattern? I asked Corey what his favorite book was. Turns out it doesn’t include any of the authors mentioned above but is actually Malcolm Lowry’s “Under the Volcano.”


Catland, 987 Flushing Ave.

Further down on Flushing Ave. is Catland, yet another unique bookstore that also offers alchemy workshops, lectures and astrology courses. During my visit here I not only got to pick up some tourmaline (you know, to ward off all that negative subway mojo) but also learned from co-owner Phillip English what is most popular at Catland:

1.) The Book of the Law by Aleister Crowley and, well, pretty much anything by him.

Mellow Pages

Mellow Pages, 56 Bogart

I continued my journey on to 56 Bogart , where Mellow Pages Library calls its home. Situated in a building full of art galleries, Mellow Pages is, in my opinion, part of the perfect Saturday afternoon equation (galleries + books = happy). Matt Nelson, co-founder of Mellow Pages, kept me up to date with the most popular books at Mellow Pages:

1.) Crapalachia by Scott McLanahan

2.) Look Look Feather by Mike Young

3.) Moods by Rachel Glaser

Blonde Art Books

Blonde Art Books, 92 St. Nicholas Ave. Photo courtesy of Blonde Art Books

My last stop during my literary tour was Blonde Art Books, which focuses on publications that are on and about international artists. Blonde Art Books got its permanent home in Schema Projects this past January and always offers some of the most unique books on everything from poetry to art to cultural studies. Owner Sonel Breslav told me a bit more about some fun and interesting books at Blonde Art Books:

1.) Imaginary Landscape No. 1 by Hannah Whitaker: This publication is a series of photographs which “explores John Cage’s compositional techniques” and is just all around awesome.

2.) 57 Cell Issue #57C0002 by Gregory Kaliche : 57 Cell Issue #57C0002 is the second issue of 57 Cell featuring exhibition pieces in random places curated and digitally modeled by Gregory Kaliche. Blonde Art Books will celebrate the new issue’s launch Friday August 9th at 7pm in Schema Projects, where snacks and refreshments will also be served.

So, what are you reading?