Star-Spangled Art: Four Shows that Inspire, Inquire, and Celebrate

In the midst of summer, just when we feel our thermometers might break from heat and we are busting out our grills, sparklers, and beach-wear, the art world goes a little bit quiet.  While many galleries are on hiatus, there are a few stalwart art spaces that brave the heat and dirt of air conditioning to show some incredible, thought-provoking art!

During a weekend filled with parties and celebration, take the opportunity on a long weekend to explore some of our favorite spaces with exhibitions that are truly a part of a next generation of patriotism as our country both remembers where we started, and looks to where we are going.

La Pocha Nostra at Grace Exhibition Space (photo courtesy of Grace Exhibition Space)

1. Climate Change with La Pocha Nostra @ Grace Exhibition Space (Fri 9PM, $20 suggested donation, space is limited, get your tickets here)

The infamous perforamance artists Guillermo Gomez-Pena, Roberto Sifuentes, and Erica Mott will “grace” us with their presence at Grace Exhibition Space this Friday, July 5th. Never tame, always unexpected, and sometimes more than a little unnerving, these three artists continue to challenge pre-conceived notions of Latin America and Chicano identity in their newest performance, CORPO INSURRECTO (From the series Psycho-Magic Actions For A World Gone Wrong). Cited as being the “most influenial Latino performance art troupe of the last ten years,” La Pocha Nostra continues to evolve in their chosen performances and represent an extremely influential and crucial force to be reckoned with.

Jan Holtoff, No. 17, 2013 (photo courtesy of Fuchs Projects)

2. Frozen Gestures: Jan Holthoff @ Fuchs Projects (Fri 6-9PM)

While Fuchs Projects is typically associated with contemporary photography, this most recent endeavor highlights the work of extraordinary artist Jan Holthoff.  Inspired by the diverse and vibrant streets of Bushwick, Holthoff creates abstract landscapes of what he sees in his neighborhood, resulting in vast canvases that both celebrate and truly represent the surrounding “azure skys and haze of asphalt.”

3. The Bottle Rockets of 2013: An Eclectic Group Show @ C.C.C.P. (Fri 6-8PM)

Festively fitting for the patriotic weekend ahead, we are very excited to see what the curator/artist J.A. Holt will offer with the group exhibition also featuring artists Caroline Falby, Philip Swan, and Scott Weingarten. This interesting blend of photography and works on paper should prove to be interesting counterpoints for one another.  Giving away little in their exhibition announcement, the mystery surrounding this “explosive” exhibition only wants me to see it more!

4. Closing Weekend of Studio Select 2013: Yasue Maetake, Julian Lorber, David Kramer @ The Active Space (Fri-Sun 1-6PM)

If you have not had the opportunity to view this inspired group show, now is your last chance! The show featuring the work of three artists based in three adjacent neighborhoods: Yasue Maetake (Ridgewood), Julian Lorber (Bushwick), and David Kramer (Williamsburg); and it offers an unexpected dialogue between the disparate mediums and influences, resulting in a dynamic show that allows each of the artists’ work to shine through uniquely and equally.


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