Fire Exit Only! Fireside Follies #3!

Dear Santa…

You know that feeling when you have so much to say about something, you really can’t decide what to say first and you get stuck? Hmm… You’re saying you don’t know that feeling because you’re a great multitasker thanks to all the practice with the rain deer navigation and all the presents you deliver? Well, Santa, I am strongly tempted to say ‘screw you’ but then again, there is a slight chance you exist and as a result of my foul-mouthness, I would be cut short of the presents this year, so I’m not saying anything… Maybe only that, dear Santa, I think… you might be Eric Nelson…

The third installment of Fireside Follies, Bushwick’s most beloved monthly reading series, was simply great fun! With the pride own to my Bushwick heart, I have to say that Fireside Follies is becoming an awesome cultural event and a show-view of art being created (not only) in Brooklyn. After last night, Fireside Follies are officially not only about readings, but also about music, visual arts and omnipresent community sense. When Eric Nelson and Mike Lala, the curators, introduced Elizabeth Devlin, a singer and an autoharp angelic tunes player, I felt a little bit like I was taken back in time to San Francisco in the 1950s, I swear I nearly stood up from my chair and yelled: “Yeah, guys, let’s do it; let’s merge the arts together; let’s get rid of the concept of the forms of art and let’s get mutually inspired.” Just like Katelan Foisy, does it. Katelan is a visual artist, a writer, she is a member and a founder of several artists collectives and a drug prevention activist.

Last night’s line up included Brandon Lake, a poet extraordinaire from South Philly, who presented his visual poem – a set of double exposure black and white photographs.

Elizabeth Devlin performed and premiered a music video from the 7″ Vinyl Ladybug.

Andy Smith read from his book Welcome to the Land of Cannibalistic Horses.

The night of pure mind pleasure was concluded by the headliner Matt Gross (NY Times Frugal Traveler). Matt quit his full-time job and moved to Cambodia for some time to write a travel novel about Cambodia in 1950s. The novel got never finished, but we heard a piece from it.

Fireside Follies Reading Series

Brooklyn Fire Proof

119 Ingraham Street (@ Porter)

Brooklyn, NY

L train to Morgan

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