Women in DIY Panel at Silent Barn Next Week

silent barn women in DIY

Make sure you make your way out to Silent Barn next Wednesday because the creative house is hosting public meeting #8, and they will be talking about women in DIY.


The panel will start at 9PM and will feature four wonderful and inspiring panelists: Sara Marcus (author of Girls to the Front: The True Story of the Riot Grrrl Revolution), Sari Rubinstein (organizer of the epic underground parties called RUBULAD), Rachel Nelson (of Secret Project Robot and her new gallery/venue Happyfun Hideaway), and Nina Mashurova (of Silent Barn).

The panel will be followed by Q&A, and music (Habibi, Girl Toy, Advaeta, DJ SET by Katie Rose). The admission is $7 and, despite the all female staffing, boys and men are also welcome!


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