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I hope you’re already gathering strength for an epic Bushwick art night, this upcoming Saturday. 30+ Bushwick galleries and art spaces will stay open late to celebrate Armory Arts Week in New York! Bushwick art galleries have been popping up on a map of the neighborhood faster than you can follow, and today we count about 50 galleries in the neighborhood. This Saturday, try to check out these 10 (relatively) new art spaces, and stay in touch with the latest (he)art beat of our beloved pigeon town.

#1 Signal

What: An enormous warehouse featuring solo exhibitions of emerging artists.

Where: 260 Johnson Ave

What is up: Reade Bryan: REFLEX

signal gallery

#2 A Slender Gamut

What: Experimental art space located in a bedroom presenting “visual, conceptual, performative, culinary, and conversational art.”

Where: 131 Boerum Street #1C

What is up: Adam Ryder: Selections From the Joint Photographic Survey

Photo by A Slender Gamut

 #3 Auxiliary Projects

What: A small art space run by artists Jennifer Dalton and Jennifer McCoy. Each month they showcase series of small handmade multiples, each priced no higher than $300.

Where: 2 St. Nicholas Avenue, space 25

What is up: From the Desk of Adam Thomson

Photo via Auxiliary Projects

#4 Harbor

What: Fourth gallery at 17-17 Troutman showcases emerging artists.

Where: 17-17 Troutman Ave

What is up: Residual Volume, a two-person exhibition featuring JJ Miyaoka-Pakola and Cassie Raihl

Cassie Rahl. Photo via Harbor

#5 Fitness Center for Arts and Tactics

What: Get in shape with art! Experimental space featuring visual and performance art.

Where: 1196 Myrtle Ave

What is up: SPUN O LITH (SPUN IV) Rebecca Gaffney

Photo by Matt Richard

#6 Associated

What: Jen Hitchings’ Weeknights was transformed into Associated with the arrival of her new partners, Theresa Daddezio and Julian Jimarez-Howard.

Where: 566 Johnson, studio 27

What is up: Jacob Cartwright: Many Worlds

Jacob Cartwright. Photo via Associated


#7 Project 722

What: What used to be Camel Art Space is now Project 722, an artist-run gallery.

Where: 722 Metropolitan Ave

What is up: Calamity & Ruin (group show)

calamity and ruin

#8 Schema Projects

What: Artist Mary Judge opened a gallery dedicated to works on paper in her Bushwick house.

Where: 92 St. Nicholas

What is up: ‘The scenery changes three times’ (group show of Brian Belott, Matthew Craven, Sara Cwynar, and Jen Liu)

Sara Cwynar. Photo via Schema Projects

 #9 The Shirey

What: A shared studio and nonprofit exhibition space.

Where: 47 Thames Street #105

What is up: INSOMNIAC (12-hour long opening ceremony, group show)

A photo from previous show FIN via The Shirey

#10 TSA

What: An artist-run, artist-curated exhibition space working in partnership with Tiger Strikes Steroid Philadelphia.

Where: 44 Stewart Ave, #49

What is up: In Search Of… (group show)

Mike Peter Smith, “Untitled (Cyclops) photo via TSA