Chameleon space The Living Gallery got its own forest makeover thanks to California artists Eric Leiser and Jay Masonek. This forest installation Heartcore, which was partly made possible by chicken wire and papier-mâché, was inspired by the artists’ deep love and connection to natural beauty as well as the “wonder found in nature and the ever-present guiding grace of the great spirit permeating all living things.” Masonek also describes the Great Creator as well as everyday marvels, such as birds taking flight, as powerful sources of inspiration.

Surrounded by walls showcasing Masonek and Leiser’s holographic and mixed media artwork, gallery goers are easily transported to a dreamy place. “What I hope people receive from Heartcore is to walk out feeling refreshed and joyous,” Masonek says. “Looking within to the healing provided by opening the heart, and releasing all pain to the winds of change. I hope they can truly feel the medicine instilled within the heart core of the images displayed.” Masonek also let Bushwick Daily in on his creative process: “This deep well of gratitude and awe translates into my art by allowing me to step aside from ego based perception, and create through the eyes of the spirit. To be an observer of the wonders is a source of great power in photography. My drawings are a kind of freeform meditation in which my hands drive the vehicle to spaces of symbolism, surreal creatures and inner space.”

Eric and Jay’s work truly has the ability to remind us to take a better look around and really appreciate the natural wonders that we may take for granted each day.

Heartcore will be on exhibit until March 16th at The Living Gallery. On March 9th 7-10pm, all are welcome to come visit The Living Gallery to view the installation as well as a rare film screening of the early avant-garde works of Jay Masonek and Eric Leiser and the experimental films of Jay Masonek. Jay and Eric warmly invite all surrealist patrons to come.

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