As time shifts towards New York and away from my childhood in Boston, I look around and realize there is not one friend whose office I can use to send a fax. I collected myself and thought again; no, no one I know works in an office.

I cast a glance backwards four years to my last days at school. Half way through my senior year, I was really starting to feel righteous and excited. “Sure,” I thought, ” I might need to pull the wool over mom’s eyes for a few months when I graduate – plant myself in some cubicle – work on the plans for world domination, it’ll be as easy as twiddling thumbs.” While around me the seniors, many of whom were also taking “E^3” the entrepreneurship minor, were casting their nets in all directions, aiming for contacts, internships and opportunities. Almost everyone I knew was either at a stable job or looking for a 401k.

It’s hard to believe how far I have distanced myself from the world of 9 to 5’s and how far it has distanced itself from me. The closest contact I have to office environments is my brother’s second wife submitting my botched resume to the legal department at her insurance company job, assuring me with email notifications that soon I will have a remedial, stable job and mom will stop worrying. On occasion my roommate will work in the art department on a feature film assisting the art director, production designer or less excitably, pushing papers. The latter can certainly be compared to a suit oriented job, as the production company usually takes over the abandoned offices of failed companies – some of which take everything, some of which leave the eerie scent of stale boredom lingering about the cubicles.

As my roommate and I occasionally live through each other’s experiences, I can claim that I am sometimes kicking the fax machine by the front desk in the lobby, and that sometimes my roommate has to check the calendar to find out where the hell I’ve been for the last four days, and where the hell he’s supposed to be. Lives that are lived close tend to drift to an fro, touching for a year or so, before drifting back to their original treaded paths. After working with him to raise a start-up BDSM & Fetish porn production company, then taking a year to assess our personal goals, we are both starting to waver in come very creative and solid directions. While I’m working on a new website to showcase the work of a young production company [without much porn, and without much of a scary crazy Russian investor] called hausNY, he’s helping produce trailers, shorts, reels and pilots for both new and old projects that come his way.

Hue Hefner [as well as many others] have been quoted to say “at the start I wore ever so many hats”. While it might take a while to get where we are headed changing hats all day – maybe longer but hopefully much sooner than getting tenure – it will certainly be nice to make senior partner, to myself.


Today’s column was written while I indulged in ::

Haagen-Dazs coffee flavored frozen yogurt, with raw almonds and blackberries.

[The froyo can occasionally be found in Bushwick, at Bushwick & Myrtle’s Best Deli, Myrtle & Broadway’s beloved Mr. Kiwi or Khims Millenium Market on Bushwick & Johnson]


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