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Taking time out of your day to get a check up or deal with pesky symptoms kind of sucks. There’s the anticipation of maybe having to draw blood or go through a physical exam that may be awkward, or even a little painful.

And while NYC and Bushwick tend to be more open and accepting of diversity than many other places, discrimination, stereotyping and insensitivity is totally still a thing in many health care environments. It’s not just an inconvenience, it can definitely affect the quality of medical care, the overall patient experience and one’s desire to seek healthcare when they need it in the future.

Despite all that, queer friendly, empowering healthcare options DO exist and the good news is there’s one available right here in Bushwick. Founded on the mission of equalizing access to inclusive healthcare for all, ModernMD Urgent Care on Knickerbocker Avenue offers queer affirming care – no appointment needed and they’re open 7 days a week.

Here are two solid of things we at Bushwick Daily want you to know that you should expect and deserve from your health care providers, which we’re pumped to say you’ll find at ModernMD:


Respect for your personhood and your wishes should be a key component of any healthcare experience, regardless of your background, identity or medical needs. If you feel like you are simply tolerated by your provider when you visit a doctor’s office or clinic and are not respected and heard, it’s time to consider alternative (and better) healthcare options.

ModernMD believes that an environment where all patients feel respected and valued is key to providing the highest quality medical care possible. Since ModernMD is a judgement free zone,They’ll encourage you to ask questions and want you to feel empowered to weigh in on your own health.

Lifestyle Specific Medical Recommendations and Counseling

In addition to an affirming environment, LGBTQIA identifying individuals deserve medical providers who have both a handle on how your healthcare needs may differ from other patients and a willingness to tailoring your care whenever it’s appropriate. At ModernMD, providers aim to share lifestyle appropriate medical advice and offering guidance on diagnostic and treatment options that are relevant to you.

Why is tailored advice so important? Often times, queer patients face standards of care that may not apply to them, as healthcare may sometimes feel heteronormative. To this, ModernMD says you deserve more. For example, if you’re a woman having symptoms that mirror early pregnancy but only have relationships with other women, you should feel empowered to tell your provider that you don’t feel a pregnancy test makes sense for you. Remember that your body is yours and that you have every right to voice concerns, give suggestions or ask for advice that fits your lifestyle best.

While we know that finding inclusive healthcare can be a challenge, there’s a bright side in Bushwick thanks to having ModernMD Urgent Care on the scene.

ModernMD locations are open from 8:30 am to 8:30 pm on weekdays and from 8:30 am to 6:30 pm on weekends. The Bushwick branch is located at 366 Knickerbocker Ave between Stanhope and Stockholm Street.

Photos courtesy of Modern MD

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