We all love our pets, they do so much to help us relax and they enrich our lives with their snuggles, their sounds and with how happy they are when we get back from a work or a night out.

But… they come with the messes. Some of them might be your fur (or scale, or feather) baby getting their treats smeared on a carpet, they might be playing in something like mud, or they may even have an accident on one of your prized rugs. There are ways to clean some small spills and accidents, but what if it’s an older more intricate rug? What if what you thought was a little accident is actually a lot worse than you initially thought?

There’s only so much you can do on your own to save a rug. That’s where Sun Light Fine Rug Care and Restoration comes in. It’s a local business that  is dedicated to providing a variety of services, while maintaining their standard as a green business by using organic cleaning solutions.

They’re capable of removing any stain on an area rug, even if those stains come from a pet’s bathroom trip, or anything you pet may have gotten into and then tracked all over your decorative rug.

Photos courtesy of Sun Light Fine Rug Care

In the case that you’ve accidentally used the wrong products to clean up spills on your carpets and rugs, some colors and patterns will fade away. It may seem like the vibrancy will never come back, but true to its’ name, Sun Light Fine will restore any rug by re-dying the colors back into the faded spots. It’ll look brand new and make you forget that your rug may have been purchased over a decade ago.

Sometimes a pet’s spills, body odor and drool won’t exactly cause a stain, but there is a remaining scent that’s left behind. Some of them are harder to get rid of than others and if the wrong products are used, a rug, a carpet or other upholstery might fade or even begin to wear out. Sun Light Fine has trained workers that deal with all kind of pet odors without hurting the integrity of a carpet or rug. Your decorative threads will smell fresh, without you having to worry about any damage.

Photos courtesy of Sun Light Fine Rug Care

Sun Light Fine Rug Care and Restoration gives a coupon of $50 to all new clients, so trying them out won’t come at a steep price. There are a number of online testimonials from satisfied customers, and the quality is so loved by previous customers that Sun Light Fine Rug Care was given the 2017 Angie’s List Super Service Award.

If that doesn’t convince you already, they’re a conscious business that supports City Harvest, a food rescue organization that feeds over a million New Yorkers in need. A percentage of each order goes directly to City Harvest, so if you place an order for one of your rugs to be cleaned, you’ll be among those helping people in this city fight food insecurity.  

Give them a call today and put their skills to the test.


Sun Light Fine Rug Care & Restoration Brooklyn

A longtime local small business that is dedicated to carpet and rug cleaning and restoration. 

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