If your main issue with carshare services is that the cars aren’t swanky enough, there’s a solution and that solution is ReachNow.

ReachNow is a younger service — it launched in Seattle in early 2016 and came to Brooklyn later that year, making it a downright baby when compared to some other competitors on the road. Though young, there’s a lot that this newcomer does better than others, and classier rides (the full line of MINIs and BMW 3 Series to boot) are only the tip of that iceberg.

One of ReachNow’s biggest benefits over competitors is its free-range model. This means that your ReachNow is going to be parked on the street in your neighborhood, so you can skip the hikes to out of the way, sometimes sketchy, and often hard-to-identify parking lots.

ReachNow has a “home area” in Brooklyn, spanning from Greenpoint down to Bay Ridge, and from Red Hook over to East Williamsburg and Bushwick. Any legal, non-metered parking spot within that area is fair game. You pick your car up from wherever it was parked (after selecting it, most likely based on how close it is to you), and park it anywhere within that area when you’re done.

Got 30 minutes to get from your apartment at the Dekalb L to a meeting in Park Slope? You’ll spend that long just waiting for the G to show up. Good thing there’s a ReachNow MINI around the corner. With rates that start at .41 cents a minute, plus tax, you can drive yourself there for 15 bucks or so.

Plus, since Park Slope is in the home area, you don’t have to worry about getting the car back to where you got it — park it where you end up (remember, legal and non-metered!), and then do whatever. Walk home if you want.

This brings us to another key ReachNow benefit. Not only are their rates clear and easily understandable, which not a single other carsharing company can claim, but they are also generally less costly than your average rental car. Especially when you start getting into longer trips.

ReachNow charges based on minute, hour or daily rate caps that automatically shift to give you the lowest possible rate.  For example, if your trip is 55 minutes- instead of charging the minute rate of $22.55, you’ll automatically get dropped down to the hourly rate of $20. For trips that extend longer, it shifts to a per day rate of $110. And did I mention that there’s no monthly membership fee? There is a one-time sign-up fee, but it’s only $15. (No, that’s not a typo.) And they give you $15 in driving credit on approval. Win!

On top of all that, ReachNow runs deals periodically. Now through March 29th their cutting hourly rates in half to only $10 per hour.

ReachNow rentals (which never require a reservation, regardless of the length of the trip) are capped at 5 days. There is also a mileage limit — you can only travel so far before a .45¢ per mile surcharge kicks in, so be sure to check that limit before you head out on a cross-country road trip.

Whether you’re going across the neighborhood for shopping, across the city for a meeting, or across a state or two for a relaxing weekend getaway, ReachNow will get you there. They’ll get you there simply, comfortably, in style, and with refreshing cost transparency.

Sign up now and clear your head on a weekend getaway.