Let Travel Visa Pro Do The Paperwork Before Your Next Big Trip So You Can Hit The Road

“Kestutis and Renatas worked two jobs to make ends meet, juggling waiting tables at a restaurant at night and helping Russia-bound travelers during the day at a travel agency. After the owner of the agency rejected their offer to purchase a stake in the company, they decided to open up their own passport and visa expediting agency.”

So begins the story of Travel Visa Pro, the visa and passport agency founded over 10 years ago by Kest Gregeris and Rene Reklaitis that helps international travelers navigate the government paperwork they need to be on their way.

If you’ve never had the pleasure of applying for a Tanzanian tourist visa or replacing the passport you somehow lost the day before your overseas flight (oops), you might be wondering, “Can’t I just do the paperwork myself?”

“Ha ha ha!” say the people who have have endured such bureaucratic trials. “Sure you can. But why would you do that to yourself? WHY?!”

Here are three great reasons to let Travel Visa Pro help you out:

Visa applications can be daunting and confusing, especially when translation is involved. Most Travel Visa Pro employees speak more than one language, which can make a crucial difference. (The company says being bilingual also helps its staff to “overcome bureaucratic hurdles at certain consulates.”)

 Human error is a common cause of delays, rejections, and suspensions of passport applications. It stands to reason that you’re more likely to make a mistake if you’re not familiar with the forms, and major problems can result from even tiny-seeming issues—like your head being the wrong size in your photo.

 If your dog eats your passport just before your trip, or you realize it’s about to expire, you’re gonna need a hand. Travel Visa Pro offers emergency eight-hour service for all passport and visa applications. Get that? Eight-hour service!

Basically, why stress out and risk wasting the time and money you’ve already invested in your trip when you can have a crew of seasoned pros ensure all your i’s are dotted and your t’s are crossed? Especially during a time of increased global volatility—when President Trump could issue a new travel ban at any moment, and when China and Russia are changing up their travel requirements and fees—it’s a good idea to have some experts in your corner.

Travel Visa Pro’s website offers tons more information about travel goodies you may not have even heard of (like second passports, passport insurance, and travel registration), and you can live chat your questions for super-quick help. When the time comes to get manual with your paperwork, Travel Visa Pro has nine offices in the US, all stocked with friendly reps—and lucky for you, one of them is right in Midtown Manhattan. Walk-ins are welcome.

Travel Visa Pro, 708 3rd Avenue, 6th Fl., New York, NY 10017 ~ (212) 380-7866

Cover image: rawpixel.com/Unsplash

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