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In the tradition of last year’s RBMA NYC United States of Bass event, the opening night of Red Bull Music Academy Festival New York will once again celebrate a range of hyper-local dance music sounds that have made a global impact. On May 1, Brooklyn Night Bazaar will serve as a unique playground for showcasing four different sounds and dance styles from the NYC area (housing, voguing, bruk up, and Jersey Club). Today on Bushwick Daily, we’re running a special ticket giveaway where you can win 2 free tickets to Bounce Ballroom! Read on to enter.


Taking to the turntables, some of the most revered DJs of their respective club sounds will provide the soundtrack for four dance crews comprised of celebrated masters of their dynamic craft. Customizing the large, open Williamsburg space to fit the occasion, four unique stages will be set up to showcase each style with a distinctive twist. Throughout the night, the crews will rotate between stages, creating a compelling environment that invites the audience to partake in the eclectic dance mayhem.

Holding the musical reins for bruk up will be dancehall king Bobby Konders. Characterized by moves such as the crab walk, the shoulder pop and the ghost walk, bruk up was embraced by NYC dancehall lovers in the mid-‘90s, and slowly transformed into the style known today as flexing (or bonebreaking). The dance roster will include Drew Dollaz and Bones the Machine, who have toured with Madonna as her backup dancers, Samiam, who has earned the nickname “Moviemansam” for his cinematic dance interpretations, and Bed-Stuy Veteran/LOUD League crew founder Albert “The Ghost” Esquilin.

Nourished equally in clubs, loft parties, and raves throughout the United States over the last 30 years, house dance is now a staple of urban dance battles and dance school curriculums worldwide. Hoisting the dance flag for housing and waacking (a disco-driven street dance style that originated in Los Angeles in the 1970s) will be Cricket and Eriko, who host a frequent house dance cypher called The Lab in Manhattan, as well as prime waacking authority, Princess Lockeroo.

To win 2 free tickets to Bounce Ballroom night, just enter your email address below. The winners will be contacted on Monday, April 28. Get ready for a history lesson that your booty will never forget!

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