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Is it just me or is the dried salt ‘n’ snow dirt on the floors of the L train looking more like a permanent stain job than a temporary product of the weather? Admit it- you didn’t even know it was going to snow last Tuesday, and wore your Converse All-Stars out the door in the morning. Lame! But listen up, loyal readers. Today we’re doing a special giveaway with our friends at Poncho, a new personalized weather service. When you sign up with Poncho you’ll have a chance to win a $25 Uber voucher!

Poncho is a personalized weather service with a personality. Instead of providing you with more data and visualizations to interpret, it gets to know you — when you wake up, how you commute to work, if you have pets to walk — and then gives you personalized advice and delivers it straight to your inbox or phone. There’s no app to install, no graphs to interpret. Poncho will tell you just what you need to know to get your day started, and nothing more.

How it works: Simply visit Poncho, then enter your name and answer a few questions about your daily routine. Then decide if you want your forecast delivered to your inbox or via text message (or both!), and you’re set! You will start receiving forecasts the very next day. No more excuses for trudging through a Bushwick blizzard in your Converse, and maybe even a free taxi ride to boot!