Bossa Nova Civic Club brings a full night life experience to Bushwick. (all photos by Katarina Hybenova for Bushwick Daily)

Bushwick, behold, for Bossa Nova Civic Club might change your perception of partying in this lovely part of Brooklyn. Located on Myrtle Ave and run by one of the biggest party animals in Brooklyn, Bossa Nova brings the best dance music, DJs and a full nightlife experience within walking distance of your Bushwick home.

Bossa Nova Civic Club opened in December 2012, and immediately became the talk of the town. This was caused partly by the media storm over the graffiti spotted on the walls of a historical mansion on Cornelia Street in Bushwick called Trip House. Bossa Nova’s co-owner and the creative force behind it, John Barclay, was involved with Trip House for some time. In an interview for Paper Magazine he put everybody in their place and explained how Trip House actually worked. And while the wild party mansion is unlikely to host any more parties, as John told us, Bossa Nova Civic Club is here to sooth your thirst 7 days a week!

John Barclay is an important figure of Brooklyn rave scene. He now runs Bossa Nova.

Bossa Nova Civic Club seems like it’s in the middle of nowhere, across the street is a fried chicken stand, and it reminded me of Dalston’s Jazz Bar in London — it is a similar “hole in the wall” with a surprising punch of energy as you walk in. Although, at Bossa Nova they consistently focus on electronic music such as house and techno, not on dancy jazz like at Dalston’s, you will find a similarly cozy, 1,900 square foot club full of dancing people. Bossa Nova takes pride in their cocktails ($9), and in their mildly tropical decor. Generous tap beer selection ($6) will make sure that the beer lovers won’t come up short.

Before John Barclay and his buddies created Bossa Nova, the space was used for events such as weddings and quinceañeras. Bossa Nova kept some of the original interior, such as mirrors and checkered floors, creating tasteful mix of old and new. The result is a great party space for everybody. You can either chill in one of the spacious leather booths in the front or you can go wild on the dance floor in the back.

The fact that Bossa Nova never charges a cover, nor has any dress code, makes the club even more amazing and accesible. They have a happy hour daily from 5-10PM.

The wildest parties at Bossa Nova happen after midnight on Fridays and Saturdays, but you can pop in anytime to enjoy this little Bushwick secret. The next big party is their Be My Valentine on February 14 with DJ  Lauren Flax, Isa GT, & Beta Librae. See you there!