Photo Courtesy of ChefDay

You may have heard about Bushwick Gourmet Food Startup Chefday. If not, we’re going to let all you foodies in on a little secret…and hint, it’s a game-changer! Chefday literally delivers to your door an all-exclusive culinary experience that both teaches you to cook delicious new dishes and provides the backdrop for a social cooking get-together. I was absolutely delighted to give it a try.

Chef Day Delivers! All photos by Maria Gotay for Bushwick Daily

ChefDay, whose headquarters is just off the Jefferson L train stop, is another culinary achievement thanks to the French influx in Bushwick. The company was started by three French friends who simply wanted to share great food. They’ve acheieved this goal by putting together an ambitious start-up that features exclusive video recipes from some of New York’s most famous chefs for everyone can enjoy. So far, they are featuring 6 fantastic recipes – including Scallop Risotto, Summer Style Pork Tenderloin, Coconut Fish Curry,  Stir Fried Green Bean Vermicelli, Asparagus-Stuffed Salmon, and Parmesan Veal Milanese.

You choose the recipe that you want to cook up and they’ll deliver everything (literally, even salt and pepper) you need to cook the dish to perfection. Along with your fresh groceries – which by the way, are pre-measured and pre-washed – you’ll receive a delicately designed and put-together care package of information, including a physical ingredients list and recipe. Even better, they provide you with a link to your own person video tutorial on how to properly cook your dish. Think of it as a 1-on-1 with some of NYC’s best cooks including Bushwick’s own Kevin Adey of Northeast Kingdom. Amazing!

So I was lucky enough (well, my boyfriend was really the lucky one) to get to try two ChefDay cooking experiences. First up was the Stir Fried Green Bean Vermicelli, then the Parmesan Veal Milanese. The veal was hands-down my favorite of the two.

Chop, Chop

Cooking the dish was a breeze. I absolutely love food and also cook a lot, but I’d never seek out a veal dish to cook at home. Instead of stressing out about where to find quality veal, I received fresh, local veal cuts and all the ingredients and instructions to whip up the rest of the dish. The best part was the video that goes along with your cooking, a chef exclusively going over the recipe while cooking it him/herself. So, you’re not only watching a famous chef in action, you’re also getting professional culinary tips. It goes one step at a time so you won’t get frazzled trying to keep up.

In the end, we had a wonderful Veal Milanese meal for two with arugula, provole, and red pepper that truly felt gourmet. Although I admittedly wasn’t as full as I could have been, I was very satisfied with the quality of the flavors excited about cooking something totally unique.

Veal Milanese

If you love food, enjoy cooking and want to impress your guests, I highly recommend trying Chefday for a number of occasions! You can order each recipe in increments of 2, so you could have enough ingredients for a cooking party of 8 if you wanted. Also, what better way to impress a date than with a highly impressive meal? All meal packages for two are just $35. So, you’re basically getting a great meal, a fun and interactive cooking experience, and a tutorial from a chef for less than the price of eating out for 2.

Sound good? Head over to Chefday to learn more, and check out their special Valentine’s day offer – 15% off all orders! Just order before midnight on February 13th and you’ll have your fresh package delivered on the day. Now all you need is someone to do the dishes for you when you’re done…