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Bonjour, everybody. I hope you practiced your French Ooooo and your rolled Rrrrr properly, because in Bushwick, perfect French pronunciation is a must these days. As of today we have at least four Bushwick businesses très magnifiques that have been proudly operating under French ownership with Parisian glamour included!

#1 Mominette (221 Knickerbocker Ave, Brooklyn)

photo by Maria Gotay

Despite its uncanny location, Mominette is here to stay, with its classic furnishings, romantic atmosphere, friendly staff, and fantastic food. From perfecting French staples like Escargot and Creme Brulee to simply nailing Mac’N’Cheese, Mominette is without a doubt Bushwick’s Best New Restaurant. Seriously! [Read full review]

#2 Athom Cafe (1096 Broadway, Brooklyn)

Photo by Chris Heuberger

You certainly would not expect a French cafe underneath the JMZ tracks on Broadway, but please, make sure to Bonjour! nice and loudly as you walk in and ask for a big, fat homemade croissant filled with Nutella. The coffee didn’t make us want to go to Paris, but the food is quite French-worthy. [Read the full post]

#3 BIZARRE (12 Jefferson St)

After last weekend, Bushwick has a new favorite night club and a bar! Bizarre opened with an extravagant, 3-day long celebration which included mannequin legs, absinthe cocktails and burlesque dancers. Merci beaucoup for this incredible place because our nights will never be dull again! [Read the post]

#4 Henry’s surprise (unknown location)


Henry Gluckroft

Henry Glucroft, born in New York and raised in Paris, introduced a très chic pop up shop on Central Ave during the holidays featuring a carefully curated selection of artsy goods. Now he has mysteriously closed, and is “getting ready for something amazing,” according to the email he sent us. Mon dieu, Henry- can you just open already?!