Bushwick Coffee House located at 41 Wilson Ave will surprise you!

Bushwick businesses are blooming virtually everywhere. Coffee shops, restaurants, bars and more! It is getting hard to follow everything and even harder to choose what’s worth your attention. Luckily, the Bushwick Daily team is obsessed with everything Bushwick, and we love to try new places for you. And so it happens that we fell head over heels for Bushwick Coffee House.

Located at 44 Wilson Ave, you could easily walk by Bushwick Coffee House without ever coming in and suspecting all the awesomeness that is hiding inside. Bushwick Coffee House, dear friends, is an enormously spacious and friendly place that will make you hedonistically enjoy their coffee and baked goodies. You can either sit in the front at one of the tables or sofas, or you can walk all the way to the back and hang out at one of the couches and lounge chairs. You will be stunned by how huge this place is; it resembles a warehouse more than a coffee shop. The tall spacious walls are virtually asking you to hang art, and organize an event. That’s why Bushwick Daily is throwing a big Valentine’s Day event there on February 15! (Stay tuned for more information!).

Coffee there is delicious! We tried the latte ($3.50), the regular ($1.75) and their organic teas ($2.50). Bushwick Coffee House won’t let you starve either. They offer lotsa baked goods, delish sandwiches ($4-6.50) and, most importantly, daily house soups ($2.50 for small and $3.50 for large). We tried also their chili and it made us very happy! The owner’s mother in the exposed kitchen prepares most of the food and makes it taste very homey…

We also love Bushwick Coffee House because the owner Valentin Valle is a Bushwick native who remembers the old rough times of Bushwick, and can appreciate the positive aspects of the neighborhood changing. “I think it’s really good,” told us Valentin about the neighborhood’s prospects for the future. “It is a lot safer and businesses are becoming successful.” Valentin also told us that they want to use their abundant space to throw community events and art shows.

I mean what is there not to love?

During the day is Bushwick Coffee House peaceful as it has not been discovered by too many people. You can pop in with your laptop to get the work done or just stop by for a lunch with a friend. The place has applied for their tavern license, so soon you can look forward to a boozy addition to your meal. Make sure to check out Bushwick Coffee House one of these days for a little bit different coffee experience.

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