Whiskey and ginger mix really well. And if you add a little bit of rooftop fun with your friends in Bushwick, rad DJs, and a relaxed atmosphere, an amazing Saturday night is guaranteed! Vernon Caldwell, Ian Evans, Chris Schwartz and their friends are Bushwick Ginger Social, and they know how to party really well. 


“We will be providing mixers and freshly juiced ginger. Bring yourself, a friend, WHISKEY to share and food if you wish.”

…said the invitation to this Saturday’s Bushwick Ginger Social. On a roof at Knickerbocker Avenue, three friends set up a bar and a DJ to serve the crowd of over hundred ginger-and-fun thirsty people. Everyone was praising the whiskey ginger cocktail to heaven and I confirm: it is a really delicious autumn drink!!

I have this unscientific assumption that ginger makes you happy and very healthy, especially if mixed with the right amount of whiskey. The (enormous) crowd swaying to the rhythm of the pop house on the Bushwick roof served as my proof. In the equally awesome backyard, I had a chance to speak with a co-organizer Ian Evans who explained this ginger obsession of his and his roommates. “We have been very interested in growing root vegetables in our backyard, and especially ginger.” From ginger growing, there is only a very small step to extracting a tincture of ginger and mixing it with whiskey, naturally.

The Bushwick Ginger Social roof parties started as small gatherings of friends. Soon the friends started to bring their friends, and the parties became really big and popular. The Saturday night’s party still had a nice DIY feel, but the amount of people that showed up was clearly indicated that the group needs to take this fun to a bigger space. The next Ginger Social will be therefore held at The Well in November, and will allow for more people to join the delicious ginger whiskey drinking and dancing.

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