Jacque Medina


Beloved relative newcomer to the Bushwick bar scene, The Stoop, is closing soon for renovations. But don’t worry, local cocktail and churro lovers, the bar and restaurant will reopen just in time for summer. 

Back in November, we covered The Stoop’s imaginative cocktails and unique menu before naming it one of Bushwick’s top 10 new bars in 2016.

The Stoop’s owner, Marvin Carbajal, said that he’s closing The Stoop’s doors for a few months to get the spot ready for the summer season. “We are going to expand the bar and do a new storefront and redecorate,” he said. 

As for a grand reopening, Carbajal says that’s definitely in the works and will happen some time in June. 

While we’ll be sad to do without those marvelous specialty cocktails for a few months, we’ll definitely look forward to The Stoop’s new look! 

Featured image by Alonzo Maciel for Bushwick Daily.