Many know Cafe Ghia established in 2011 for its delicious brunch menu and on-point brunch cocktails. Some may have also noticed over the last year it has been a little all over the place with what it offers, service-wise.

Is it a bar, is it not a bar? Can you get dinner there? WHAT IS GOING ON?? Well, Bushwick Daily sat down with owner Anna D’Agrosa to answer all your questions. As it turns out Anna and co-owner Scott McGibney have been spending the last year trying to figure out the perfect use for this well-located local brunch staple of the neighborhood as well.

For a long time, Cafe Ghia offered brunch/lunch and dinner service, but about a year ago the pair decided that dinner service was no longer worth it. Last fall, they re-opened at night dubbing the place “Karmann Bar.”

The bar angle wasn’t quite working out for them either. Not that it failed,they told us, it just didn’t feel right for the space and the owners and staff were not enjoying it and ultimately were not happy with it.

During the Karmann Bar days, they were experimenting with unofficially renting the space out for awhile to see how it worked out. That’s when something clicked. “This could actually be pretty cool,” they thought. “This could be the perfect use of this space.”

Hence the newest use of Cafe Ghia was born. Seven nights a week you can officially rent it out for all your party needs. Bachelor party, wedding party, birthday party, Tudor-era feast party: the possibilities are endless. It works perfectly because no other bar and restaurant venue of this size in the area offers rental services at an affordable rate.

If you’ve never been to Cafe Ghia (in which case, go get brunch like right now,) it’s spacious enough to fit a big group comfortably (think 50 people with sit-down food) but still feels intimate. Obviously if you’re doing more of a party and less of a meal you could fit there even more people. Depending on what kind of event you are planning, they will, within reason, help do what needs to be done to make the space feel personal. They will design and cater a specific menu and stock your favorite types of alcohol. You can bring your own decorations or rearrange the furniture as you see fit. D’Agrosa describes how “when you’re here, it’s your space” and just wants everything to feel “warm and fuzzy.” It’s like throwing a party in your living room, but with full bar and food service, and no concerns of guests spilling wine on your couch or feeding beer to your dog.

Get on it, Bushwick. Plan your next party at Cafe Ghia before they are all booked up!

Cafe Ghia is located at 24 Irving Ave on the corner of Jefferson St. Brunch hours: Monday-Friday 8am-4pm, Saturday & Sunday 9am-5pm. Private event hours vary. Call 718-821-8806 or email [email protected] for booking inquiries.