Say what you will about tastebuds, but it’s practically undeniable that nothing tastes as good as free food. The sweet, small victory in knowing you’re getting a free meal, a free snack, a free drink, makes you feel like you’re winning at life.

What’s even more fun than free food? Getting free food at a great local bar where you can enjoy a little nosh with your PBR or strategically fill up your Tinder date with snacks and avoid paying for dinner. We celebrate all you lovers of free food out there and present the first Bushwick Daily guide to free bar food.

FULL MEALS: Legit, these will fill you up

#1 Miles: Free mac and cheese

101 Wilson Ave, Bushwick

Miles Interior

Every Monday night during happy hour (6-8pm), Miles offers free mac and cheese with the purchase of any drink over $5. Wall decor of puppies-in-suits also surrounds you while you blissfully snarf down your free dinner.

#2 Matt Torrey’s: Free bagels with all the fixins

46 Bushwick Ave, East Williamsburg

Photo via Matt Torrey’s website

Paying for brunch is stupid. Every Saturday and Sunday, Matt Torrey’s offers free bagels with every cream cheese and topping under the sun. The $4 Bloody Marys let you basically get a full brunch for $5 including tip. Stop by again on Tuesday for free popcorn during their movie nights.

#3 The Johnsons: more free bagels. We love bagels.

369 Troutman St, Bushwick

When waiting for a table at Northeast Kingdom seems like way too much work, skip around the corner to The Johnsons and indulge in the free bagel spread they put out every weekend.

SNACKS: heavenly salty treats

#4 Duckduck: free cheese balls

161 Montrose Ave, Bushwick

Duck Duck by Arielle Sachar

Every weeknight before 8pm this beloved duck-themed bar serves free cheese balls. Ask suuuuper nicely after 8pm and they might just serve them to you anyway.

#5 Bushwick Country Club: free cheese puffs (note the difference)

618 Grand St, East Williamsburg

Bushwick Country Club

OK, maybe this place sways too closely on the Williamsburg line to be considered Bushwick, but with Bushwick in the title, we had to give it a little love. The free cheese puffs here have no curfew, eat em’ until you become one.

#6 Pearl’s Social and Billy Club: pretzel and chip mix

40 St Nicholas Ave, Bushwick


Delicious bowls of chip and pretzel mix wait for you at this botanical bar of love where every drink comes in a mason jar.

#7 Gotham City Lounge: free popcorn or Chex Mix

1293 Myrtle Ave, Bushwick

Photo via Gotham City Lounge’s Yelp page

Basically this place is too good to be true. For $3 you can get a PBR and well whiskey which you can drink amidst a sea of fun comic book character memorabilia while snacking on free popcorn or Chex Mix.

DRINKS: Ok, does a pickleback count as a drink?

#8 Cain’s Tavern: Free picklebacks

36 Wilson Ave, Bushwick

Roll into Cain’s on a Monday, and you’ll get a free pickleback with the purchase of any shot all night long. Plus, the Breakfast of Champions lets you get a can of Budweiser, a pickle (spicy or garlic), Slim Jim and chips (Lays or Doritos) for the grand ole price of $5.

#9 Alaska: free alcohol!

35 Ingraham St, East Williamsburg

Monday nights are 2-for-1 nights at Alaska! So every drink drink will get you a free one to go with it.