Image courtesy of Roberta’s

Once upon a time (in 2008 to be precise), three friends decided to open a restaurant in Bushwick (ok, it was actually in East Williamsburg, but go explain that in Manhattan). Little did the brothers know, their restaurant would become so glorious and so famous, that people would come from all over the world and wait for hours just to get a slice.

Just like a fairy tale, I bet you think. But unlike a fairy tale, the story of the three pizza brothers doesn’t end by them each marrying a princess, and having a hoard of children who all eat pizza at their famed backyard. Unfortunately, this tale, as it frequently goes IRL, ends at a court.

So let’s take a look at the tale of three pizza brothers again.

“We will serve pizza, grow our own vegetables, and throw cool events,” (probably) said Chris Paranchini and high-fived his buddy and a fellow musician, Brandon Hoy. Brandon broke his piggy bank and contributed $13,000. The third of the pizza brothers, young Carlo Mirachi also broke a piggy bank, gave $30,000 and claimed the job of a chef.

The initial year in the restaurant wasn’t the easiest for the three pizza brothers. They struggled with the lack of heat and electricity, and yes, even they had problems with getting their liquor license and had to wait for whole 11 months. But with a song on their lips and friendship in their hearts, the struggle made them actually closer than ever. The pizza brothers made it through!

In 2009, the brothers constructed the first of several organic grow spaces in the backyard, and in 2010 they built an oven to bake bread and pizza (duuh!) out back on a cinderblock frame inside a shipping container. The pizza brothers have never lacked ideas!

Their kickass block parties first in their backyard, later, like everywhere, became legendary, and their life has never been better. Oh, lawless Bushwick of 2010!

Later, an adjacent building, a former auto-supply shop became available, and it is soon became a banquet hall.

In 2012 when most of the current Bushwick residents were still in kindergarten, Roberta’s already had a status of a full on Brooklyn culinary miracle. The most glorious publications of the country were competing in the number of write ups they publish on Roberta’s and the brothers couldn’t be more proud.

The chef and the third pizza brother Carlo Mirachi came up with the idea of Blanca, a 12-seat, reservation only, more upscale and slicker sister of Roberta’s.  2012 was such a good year that even Bill, Hillary and Chelsea came to check out the restaurant themselves.

Their block parties in 2012 and 2013 nearly “broke” Bushwick. (Seriously, this neighborhood may not be big enough for a sudden crowd of 10,000 weekend hipsters.)

Let’s quickly mention Roberta’s pizza stand in the Rockaways (June 2014); Roberta’s & BMW Guggenheim Lab in 2011; Roberta’s cookbook published in 2013

And when Beyonce stormed out on Mr Carter from Roberta’s after his and Solange’s elevator fight, the pizza brothers probably couldn’t wish for more. Their pizza place has reached a cult status in the culinary and cultural heaven of New York City. Everybody wanted a slice of Roberta’s.

In the midst of a pending deal in Asia and Roberta’s possible involvement in new Ace Hotel at the Lower East Side, shit hit the fan. NY Post reported today that Brandon Hoy and Carlo Mirarchi fired Chris Parachini, over disagreements about expansion that led to buyout negotiations, and have pending legal dispute with a court date in late March:

The talks broke down when Parachini turned his nose up at a $2 million offer to purchase his 25 percent share in the company. Parachini’s counter-offer was $2.9 million for Roberta’s and its spinoffs including a restaurant in the Rockaways and another $2.5 million for intellectual property.

When Parachini, who’d been absent from the Moore Street eatery for four months during buyout talks, showed up at the hipster pizzeria after his ouster, his partners called the police, according to court papers.

The pizza joint seems to be fully operational and there is no talk of closing but still the tale of three pizza brothers leaves us sad. Can there ever be a happily ever after story to a Bushwick business mega-success story?

Check out also NY Magazine’s story from 2010.