Welcome to Friday Foodstagram, where we round up some of the most appetizing looking insta’s from everyone’s favorite neighborhood establishments. Don’t have time to browse everyone’s Instagram to figure out what you’re gonna stuff in your mouth this weekend? That’s the kind of time-saving shenanigans this round up can do for ya. Hashtag your photos #BushwickEatz to appear here next week!

#1 Popcorn Monkfish at Tutu’s (@tutusbrooklyn, 25 Bogart St)

Remember the good ol’ days? Back when you spent evenings playing kick-the-can with the kids on your block, and you didn’t even have to learn fractions yet, and every Kentucky Fried Chicken in the country would sell you a box of popcorn chicken for just a few bucks? Well, those days are gone. Welcome to adulthood, where you can only get KFC popcorn chicken in select stores in New Zealand. But fortunately, Tutu’s is here to rescue us from this misery with their own, grown-up take on the popcorned meat.

#2 Arrogant Swine Got Their Liquor License and is Opening on October 8th at 5 PM!!! (@arrogantswine, 173 Morgan Ave)

After eagerly awaiting their grand opening all summer, we finally have word about when this whole-hog smoking BBQ shop/beer hall will be flinging open their doors and letting the public in: October 8th! Sure, it’s not exactly summer anymore, but choosing from dozens of craft beers and stuffing your face with that southern delicacy, pig flesh…well, those are pretty much year round activities in my book.

#3 Wednesday Wing Night @ Cafe Ghia (@ghiabk, 24 Irving Ave)

If one more Bushwick restaurants busts out their take on the classic bar wing, we might just have to subject you a Bushwick wangz round up! See: Fritzl’s Lunch Box and Falansai for more to-die-for bird arms.

#4 Northeast Kingdom Makes the Michelin Guide Again This Year (@whoiskevinadey, 18 Wyckoff Ave)

And they aren’t alone! Dear Bushwick (a new addition to the list), Roberta’s, and bun-ker all popped up in the Michelin’s Bib Gourmand guide, which means that they not only got that coveted Michelin nod of approval, but they met the strict affordability requirements: two courses and wine or desert for under $40.

#5 Ethiopian Brunch @ Bunna Cafe (@bunnacafe, 1084 Flushing Ave)

Bunna Cafe never disappoints, and their inventive, nutritious, colorful brunch is no exception. Pictured above is a dish of sauteed fava beans, chickpea flour stuffing, and homemade cashew yoghurt. Served with kita bread for only $12.