Pulled Pork! $25 pitchers of Sangria and Margaritas ($18 during Happy Hour, 4 to 8 PM)! Lunch Specials! Boobs!

Cancel your evening plans tonight, ladies and gentlemen, because Boobie Trap, a cute lil’ BBQ bar on Irving and Bleecker St, is finally flinging open its doors and letting the public in. Do you like hot sides? Well, don’t worry, they have beans. Do you like cold sides? Well, you will be very happy to know that they have cole slaw. Do you like pounds and pounds of smoked barbecued meat being lowered into your wide open gullet while your dining companion rubs your belly, easing the flesh into your digestive system? Well, they can at least provide the pounds of smoked barbecued meat.

And more importantly, DO YOU LIKE BEER??? Because they have that!!!

Doors open at 6 PM tonight, and after that, they’ll be serving up the goods from noon to 4 AM six days a week, and noon to midnight on Sundays.