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Everyone’s favorite arepa dispensary, Guacuco, has opened up a hot dog shop on Starr St and Wyckoff Ave, right next door to the Sampler. The prices are quite reasonable (3 to 5 dollars for a hot dog loaded up with bacon, fried egg, and more), and if tubed meat isn’t your thing, they also have hamburgers and appetizers. Swing by the Sampler for a flight of craft beer, then snag a hot dog, and let us know how it is! Expect a full review and recommendations soon, and also, keep an eye out for an announcement of their grand opening party in a couple of weeks!

Guacuco Hot Dogs is located on Starr St between Wyckoff and Irving Aves. They’ll be open from 4 PM till 2 AM on weekdays and 3 AM on weekends.