Happy Cinco de Mayo! The fifth of May is the early bird’s summertime kickoff celebration. By the time Memorial Day weekend swings around, you’ll already be cruisin’ in shortshorts and drinking iced coffee exclusively. And just cause a holiday falls on a Monday doesn’t mean you can’t drink margaritas until you fall over. But one way to delay the inevitable hour of toppling is to drink on a full stomach. A really full stomach. And since it’s Cinco de Mayo, you can only eat Mexican food (by law). So here’s our Bushwick Daily guide to some of the tastiest Mexican food in the neighborhood! Got a hot tip on a gnarly burrito? Let us know in the comments!

#1 Chilaquiles @ Carrera’s Taqueria (915 Bushwick Ave)

Drop a mere seven bucks at Carrera’s, and they’ll set you up with some dank chilaquiles, but for an extra two dollars, they’ll throw in your choice of carne.

#2 Tacos De Pescado Estillo Baja @ La Taqueria Kermes (66-36 Fresh Pond Road)

Although you can’t go wrong with any of the tacos at Kermes, the Baja Style fish tacos are phenomonal, and they’ll only set you back $3.50.

#3 Pambazo @La Mesita (1513 Myrtle Ave)

Robert Sietsema selected this fantastic sandwich as one of his favorite dishes of 2013, so you know it’s gonna be good. Only $5.50, and it’s loaded with chorizo, cheese, and salsa de guajillo.

#4 Pork Burrito @ Mesa Azteca

As Yelp Reviewer Anthony K. says, “The pork burrito will make you forget how insignificant we all are in this universe.”

#5 Tacos Delivered to Your Home @ La Cholulita (888 Broadway Ave)

Can’t be bothered to put on pants on Cinco de Mayo? Then get some tacos brought straight to your doorstep from La Cholulita. Although, honestly, you should still probably put on pants.

#6 Mexican Breakfast Delivery aka The Ultimate Hangover Cure @ Guadalajara de Dia 2 (566 Seneca Ave)

Maybe save this one for the day after Cinco de Mayo. Tons of food, not that much money. Order your eggs with an horchata, and you’re set ($6).

#7 Huevos Rancheros @ 983 Bushwick Living Room (983 Flushing Ave)

Not only can this massive plate of Huevos Rancheros be made vegan,  but it’s served with organic brown rice and beans, and it’s available all day long ($9).

#8 Mango Chili Margarita @ Happy Fun Hideaway (1211 Myrtle Ave)

Finally, celebrate your favorite holiday the right way, by slammin’ back tequila slushies.

Happy cinco! Go out and support some local businesses by also supporting your very hearty appetite. Fiesta!