The Wheelhouse Opens on Wilson Ave, Making Bushwick a Bonafide Grilled Cheese Mecca

All photos by Gustavo Ponce for Bushwick Daily

Bushwick is now officially the place to get your one-stop-cheese-shop on in Brooklyn. Just blocks from a bangin’ grilled cheese at Fritzl’s, and just weeks after Miles paired each of their grilled cheeses with a special beer, The Wheelhouse opened, offering about a half dozen specialty grilled cheese sandwiches (and the option to build your own).

Danny Teran, co-owner of The Wheelhouse, is no NYC food n00b. After getting his feet thoroughly soaked in the food truck business as a co-owner of Miami Food Machine, Teran decided to step into the “whole brick and mortar game.” In the belly of his nearby commissary, he had always had a habit of throwing ideas around with the other food truck chefs, and, as the food truck industry became less appealing, the idea of the stationary Wheelhouse was born.

Contrary to popular opinion, the Grilled Cheese is a sandwich you can eat for breakfast. The Morning Wood ($9.50) is “by far the most popular,” effused a server. “Bacon, eggs and cheese…people love that shit.” And not just any bacon, baby, but maple-roasted applewood smoked bacon. But don’t overlook the more adventurous options. Grilled kim-cheese? Sounds crazy. But so crazy… it just might work ($10.50). I didn’t get a chance to try that one, so let me know how it is. And if you’re feeling a bit decadent, go hog wild, and scarf down a nutella/banana/powdered sugar smorgasbord of hot, pressed delight: The Charlie Brown ($7).

Doesn’t this guy look like he’ll make you a fantastic grilled cheese sandwich?

The Wheelhouse is ideal for a quick bite on your way home from work, or a lingering Saturday afternoon lunch, taking it slow with the pickles or sipping a cup of Brooklyn Roasting Co. coffee. The Wheelhouse is gentle; the Wheelhouse is kind; the Wheelhouse is friendly and welcoming, and sure to evoke crystal clear memories of your grandma feeding you a melty, milky delight and a bowl of thick tomato soup.

All sandwiches served with a small salad on the side.

Wash a ‘wich down with a Boylan Cane Cola, or some kombucha. If it’s a weekend, and you can nap afterward, maybe splurge on a shake or a root beer float.

A word to the wise about one item on their menu: Brooklyn Brine Co makes some damn fine whiskey-soaked pickles, and the Wheelhouse does not skimp on ‘em. A $3 jar is WAY too many pickles for all but the most pickle-crazed diner!! Share them, or gorge yourself, but if you do, be prepared to walk out of there in a bit of a picklewhiskey haze. Not that that’s a bad thing.

The Wheelhouse is located at 165 Wilson Ave and is open Tuesday through Thursday, from 11:30 AM to 10:30 AM, and Friday through Sunday from 11:30 AM to 11:30 PM.

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