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February may have shuttered up its doors, but spring still seems miles away. The loathsome tail of winter is still lashing us with its stiff, hail-stone encrusted whip. Loneliness seems to have settled bitterly into our hearts. A cold, smeared vitriol sticks to the bottom of our worn snow boots. Will we ever be warm again? Will the frost and the ice and the slush ever drip cheerfully away, leaving a festive, short-sleeved, capri-ed city in its wake? Probably not. But in the meantime, breathe some warmth into your bones and fill your heart with food. French food.

Marie Gribouille, by way of her restaurantaurial concept ‘Cantine,’ is bringing some hearty, French-y comfort food to a pop-up at Fritzl’s Lunch Box. Cantine’s aim is to specialize in the kind of food that warms every extremity, the kind of food that reminds you of home — if ‘home’ is extremely classy and in Paris.

So loosen your bell bottoms and stuff yourself silly: raviolis, veal liver, puffy potatoes, Japanese curry, and, to top off the night, some flan. Ah, flan. Seatings are at 7:30 PM and 9:30 PM so, you know, you have options.

Email cantinecantineATgmail.com NOW to reserve a table (Fritzl’s is so tiny, and pop-ups are hot!). 35 bucks gets ya all four courses plus one glass of wine selected by Henry’s Wine Shop. Fritzl’s usual stock of beers will also be for sale, so no flasks are necessary. And keep an eye out for more Cantine to come. Marie is inventive and fun, and her distinctive flair for food related humor (#therewillbebutter) surely marks her as a rising starlet in the Bushwick French food pop-up scene.