All photo by Katarina Hybenova for Bushwick Daily

Oh yeah, Ridgewood residents! Do you remember that intriguing yet lonely corner on Stanhope St and Cypress Ave? It used to say Cypress Inn with a large BAR sign but only ghost bartenders were pouring drinks to their ghostly guests. Well, fear the ghosts no more; as of late December, Vincent Signorelli has started to pour very real coffee and serve very real quiche to his flesh and bone customers of Cypress Inn Cafe! (And we swear, we did not encounter any ghosts in there.)

The space of Cypress Inn Cafe is beautifully old-fashioned, with tall ceilings, big windows and  feng shui energy comfortably spread out throughout the corner location.

The owner Vincent Signorelli is a Ridgewood-born entrepreneur, musician, and yes, head coach of a beer league softball team. He lives on the block and owns a tattoo shop and a little hotel on Fresh Pond Road.

He jumped on the space as soon as it became available to open a coffee shop because he has always wanted to own a sandwich shop when he was a kid. “I wanted to call it My Hero,” he laughed. The name didn’t exactly work for the classy Cypress Ave corner but the sandwiches are amazing regardless. Vincent recommends trying their quiche ($4), which we unfortunately didn’t have because it was already sold out. Seems like quite a hit.

Cypress Inn brews yummy Counter Culture coffee beans. You can sip on it while Vincent’s little pooch Busters trots underneath your feet.

“The customers make this place,” Vincent said. “When I wake up in the morning at 6:30AM, I am already looking forward to opening this place.” Now, isn’t this lovely? Don’t you want to be one of those very special Cypress Inn customers? I bet you do.

Cypress Inn is located at 1702 Stanhope St., Ridgewood, NY, and open 7 days a week; 8AM to 10PM (Monday through Friday) and 10AM to 8PM on the weekends.  Like them on Facebook for more updates!