Palates Cafe opened in Bushwick back in November to the delight of many living off Knickerbocker M train. The shop is comfy and cozy, full of furniture crafted from wooden palates, great for a quick bite or an afternoon pitstop. They invited us back this past weekend with a few distinct announcements worth sharing: they’re doing a full brunch menu (for $8 nonetheless), they’re now serving Mo Gelato (the best gelato ever), and they have an amazing creation that’s about to go viral: The Wafflato.

Their brunch menu is clean, simple, and features several delectable options, each served with perfectly crispy home fries and a mixed greens salad, all for just $8. This may be the best budget brunch in Bushwick! Our favorites? The veggie omelette with cheddar, eggs benedict with canadian bacon, and french toast with berry compote. They also have coffeeshop staples, like bagels & lox, sandwiches and salads, if you’re in a more lunchy mood.

They’re not serving booze, so sip on their tasty coffee drinks or  freshly squeezed OJ, and save room for dessert! Palates cafe is now serving Mo Gelato, which is heaven on a spoon, if heaven tasted like the creamiest cold savory you’ve ever tried. Flavors like Marsala Wine, Raspberry, Chocolate, and Pistachio requires more than just one scoop. To our delight, they are taking their desserts to the next level– The Wafflato is a scoop inside of an ironed Belgian waffle. It’s incredible, and we’re in the land where trends are invented. The Wafflato might just be the next cronut… it’s your call! Get it while you can, Bushwick.

Stop by Palates for a hits-the-spot budget brunch, an afternoon gelato, or anytime for a cuppa joe! They also deliver, though not for brunch unfortunately. More info on their Facebook.