Fair Weather Bushwick opened a few weeks ago to finally supply us over here with high quality coffee and organic pastries, salads, and sandwiches. The space is long, narrow, and cozy, with brick walls, wooden floors, and local artwork on display. There’s also ample space (and wifi, of course), so you can make this your new go-to spot for when you get bored of staring at your laptop in your apartment and prefer staring at your laptop in public.

Small coffee with a chocolate croissant.


Coffee and current events…


The coffee is brewed from Brooklyn Roasting Company beans, and certified ethical in every way– organic, fair trade, rainforest approved– so you can have a clear coffee conscience. The food is organic too, with pastries by Ceci Cela (voted best croissant– we recommend the almond croissant) and an original menu filled with a slew of healthy lunch options such as the grilled hummus sandwich (with almonds, olives, and roast peppers) or the arugula salad (made with avocado, jicima, cherry tomatoes, pomegranate and homemade dressing).

A cup of Turkish coffee.

For the ultimate pick me up, try the Turkish coffee ($2.75). With Turkish coffee, rather than water being filtered through the grounds (like in drip coffee or espresso) the beans are extremely finely ground and actually mixed in with the water to be boiled. The result is a thick, syrup-y coffee, high in caffeine and with a strong, lingering taste.

Owner Shane wields a croissant.

The owners Shane Sener and Abru Brun, both from Turkey, have known each other since they first moved to New York from Istanbul in the late 1990s and have always dreamed of opening a coffee shop together. Shane’s love of coffee culture began early. Growing up in Istanbul, every summer he would be sent to stay with his grandmother in the country, and that’s where he fell in love with teahouses. Turkish teahouses are culturally analogous to our coffee shops– community meeting places and a home away from home. At eight years old he begged his parents to allow him to work in the teahouse at the center of the town until they relented, and he spent his summer mornings busing tables and learning the joys and sorrows of the service industry…

Fair Weather Bushwick is located off the Myrtle-Wyckoff L /M stop, at 274 Wyckoff Ave. They also have a hidden backyard garden which will open with the warm weather. They’re open 7AM-7PM and serve food from 8Am-2PM.