Fellini Lovers Behold! Verde Coal Oven Brings 8 1/2 Screen with Sixpoint and Pizza

8 and half fellini

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It takes good company, delicious food and marvelous drink to fully enjoy and appreciate Otto e mezzo, or 8 1/2, a 1963 comedy drama directed by the immortal Federico Fellini. And well, a classy Italian restaurant Verde Coal Oven at 254 Irving Ave might just do that for you tomorrow night. The second installment of their Sixpoint Fellini Nights series will present 8 1/2 in their backyard, bring all the artisanal pizza you can eat and pour you as many Sixpoint beers as you can drink until the keg is kicked! This hearty autumnal night kicks off at 7PM and will go until 10PM.

This is one but last Sixpoint Fellini Night. Next Thursday, Verde Coal Oven will screen Amarcord. So enjoy it while the warm weather lasts!

Sixpoint Fellini Night @ Verde Coal Oven this and next Thursday, 7-10PM. Tix are $24 and can be purchased online or at the door.



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