God knows we have been waiting for the return of Fellini Nights to Verde Coal Oven Pizza forever! I mean first of all it’s Fellini, and second of all, it’s Fellini on a large screen in the backyard of our beloved pizzeria run by Bushwick’s fav Sicilian, Charlie Verde! And it gets only better if you add all you can eat artisanal pizza and all you can drink Sixpoint beer. This is happening tonight! It’s a short notice but well-worthy of cancelling any other plans you have.

The open bar begins at 7PM and continues until 9PM. Pizza will be served while we watch Nights of Cabiria at 1080P projection screen.

Bring a date, and get ready for some multi-layered travels of your mind during this amazing Fellini experience! The ticket is $24 and can be purchased online.

Verde Coal Oven Pizza (photo by Katarina Hybenova for Bushwick Daily)