Bushwick Pet Superette (photo by Katarina Hybenova for Bushwick Daily)

At Bushwick Daily, we are very sad to announce that one of our favorite small business in Bushwick is closing as of next week. After 19 months, Bushwick Pet Superette, a pet store on 12 Cypress Ave has officially announced its closure of business due to”oversaturation of pet industry in our neighborhood since NYC Pet and soon to open Petland discounts have joined our neighborhood,” told us Lisa, a co-owner of the store in an email.

“Simply put there is not enough disposable income in Bushwick/Ridgewood to support this many stores…. I know the neighborhood is changing but not quickly enough to support all these business at the same time,” Lisa continued in her email.

Though very sad for every pet owner who used to shop at a converted warehouse pet store, this closure also poses an interesting question as far as Bushwick’s economy goes. How many new businesses can this neighborhood actually support? While opening a business in Bushwick may seem like a good idea, it may easily be that before you actually open four of your competitors will think of the same thing. And while I do believe that a small business would win over a chain store in Bushwick every time, it all boils down to the prices. Pet Superette was offering comparable if not lower prices on cat food (sorry, that’s the only item I follow!) than chain NYC Pet or any other pet store in the neighborhood, but it seems it wasn’t enough to survive. There is only one recommendation I can think of here: save your shopping for your favorite local small businesses if want them to stay in the neighborhood because they might be gone before you know it…

Bushwick Pet Superette has been instrumental in cat adoption in our neighborhood. They have collaborated with organization Kitty Karetakers and have fostered and adopted a number of cats and kittens. What is going to happen with the current seven cat residents of the store? “All the cats are leaving this weekend. Some of them with Animals Can’t Talk rescue, some will be going to Bushy Tails so people who are interested in adoption can go to either location to see them after Sunday,” told us Lisa.

At the moment, Bushwick Pet Superette is having a going out of business sale: with food 20% off and everything 50% off. “We will also be selling off our custom made shelving units, and have scrap wood for any local artist would like to stop by and take some later next week,” said Lisa.

So if you can stop by, bye some pet supplies, and say good bye to Bushwick Pet Superette.