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Oh haiii. I didn’t see u there! My name is Gambit but some friendz of mine call me Gamby for short. I just ruuuv hanging out in Bushwick. There’s so many great places for a pooch like me 2 explore, so I wanted to take you out for a walk with me. This is a day in my life.

All photos by Cat Agonis

Earlier in the week, Bushwick-pup Gambit saw his photo in the paper. He was so excited he wrote Bushwick Daily a note by dipping his tail in some ink. He said he wanted to take us on a tour from the eyes of a Bushwick Pooch, so we did just that. This is his story.

Das me, on the bench. Before I got here I thought I saw a giant birdie to chase around, but I dunno where the birdie went. Das okay though. There’s always really nice people on this bench that like to do things for me like give me massages and snax, like this human-lady I just met. Also, there’s other pooches always walking up and down Bogart.

Right on Porter Ave there’s a great shop for the doggiez called Bushy Tails. I like Bushy Tails cause the humans are super well-trained and always know when to give me delicious treats! They have all sortsa good snax. Mmmm. Ruff!

Back out on the streetz I found a nice patch of grass just full of interesting smellz. It was like a jungle in there!

My favorite place to hang out, ya know, just to grab a drink of water for Barkky-Hour or to pick up a hot dog, is the Pine Box Rock Shop. The owners love puppehs and animals in general. How does this harness look on me BTW?

But my most favorite place in all of Bushwick is Maria Hernandez Park. They section the humans off from the dogz, which is nice cause we have an exclusive doggy-only VIP section. (Humans hafta know a dog to get in). I meet all kinds of friends there, and get to enjoy the ruuuu-vly summer weather. Best place in Bushwick!

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