New All Natural Pet Store Offers DIY Shower For Your Pooch

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Pet owners rejoice! Less than a month ago, new healthy-pet-food store Bushwick Bark opened on Knickerbocker Ave. and Jefferson St.! In addition to healthy puppy chow, the store features a DIY doggy shower in the front window where patrons can bathe their pets! Whoa!

After working for two years in a pet store in Williamsburg, owner Dottie Evans, who hails from Pittsburgh and has a degree in business, decided it was time to open her own pet store around the corner from her Bushwick home. “I love working with pets and the pet owners, so the decision came naturally,” Dottie told us. After two months of renovations, she opened the doors to Bushwick Bark. She’s also the proud owner of two cats and a fluffy pomeranian named Pierogi, who occasionally hangs out at the store.

The store mainly carries food for dogs and cats, but does also carry rabbit pellets and is hoping to expand its stock to include grub for other little furry critters and birds.  All the food at Bushwick Bark is  organic, natural, and raw with some holistic food options. You probably won’t find pet food like this at the corner deli, but Dottie is a firm believer in having your pet eat healthy. She’s also willing to accommodate your dog’s or cat’s own preferences and order brands of food she doesn’t normally keep in stock upon request.  In addition to food, Bushwick Bark carries a variety of toys, dishes, shampoos, bags, and treats for your beloved pet.

How does the DIY doggy shower work? You can give your lovable pooch a bath in the front window for $14, which includes shampoo, conditioner, and, if your doggy has fleas and ticks, a special shampoo to take care of that. The self-service shower is a tad pricey, but the good news is that Bushwick Bark will donate $1 to the North Shore Animal League, the world’s largest no-kill animal rescue and adoption organization.

Unfortunately for us, the adorable chihuahua in the pictures hates baths, but here’s a picture of another happy little guy in the shower.

Photo Cred: Bushwick Bark

In the future, Dottie plans on having a dog groomer in her shop, since there seems to be a lack of groomers in our neighborhood. I speak from experience, my roommate and I have been looking forever for one in Bushwick to cut my little chihuahua. Hopefully, Bushwick Bark will soon find a groomer so we don’t have to schlep our pets too far from home.

You can visit Bushwick Bark and say hi to Dottie and Pieorgi daily between 11AM and 8PM.

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