One inspirational Bushwick person a week.

That has been my mantra since October last year. Yes, I am talking about the photos + story series Tuesday People. We have been introducing a person belonging to the exceptional community of the town of Bushwick every Tuesday. Tuesday People have been mostly artists, because Bushwick has an amazingly thriving art scene, but we had also local entrepreneurs, fashion illustrator, psychic, and others. The 1st edition of Tuesday People was successfully wrapped up by an amazing art show comprised of the works of 14 Tuesday People, held during and after Bushwick Open Studios ’11. Shortly after we restarted the series with a Summer Edition of Tuesday People. The photos were taken mostly outdoors, and we talked about people in a summery light manner.

Today we are starting the Fall edition of Tuesday People featuring an artist, Nate Anspaugh. The article is a collaboration for the 1st time in the history of Tuesday People: text by Sarah Hassan + photos by Katarina Hybenova. But before you start reading the story, let me remind you of the best moments with the summer Tuesday People….