Before we depart on a journey into the depths of the soul of a Bushwick loving celebrity, I would like to note that, naturally we don’t care about any of this. Nobody in Bushwick does. But it’s just before Labor Day, and let’s be honest, our brains look like slightly melted raspberry sundae. So we’re talking celebs! And not just any celebs! But celebrities who love Bushwick so much they come hang out here pretty often, and some of them even moved here permanently. Let’s check them out.

#1 Penn Badgley, Morgantown resident & every Bushwick girl’s dream boy

Yes, Penn aka Lonely Boy aka Dan Humphrey from Gossip Girl, recently also seen as the lead in Greetings from Tim Buckley, resides apparently just off  the Morgan L stop. This handsome boy can frequently can be seen hanging out in the neighborhood bars, street corners, and subway platforms, as well as chowing down at his assumed favorite indian joint, Desi Grill, causing single Bushwick ladies’ hearts to skip a beat. Unfortunately, Penn is taken (at least for the time being) and is currently dating musician Domino Kirk who a sister of Jemima Kirk, the HBO Girls’ wildest girl. Penn also has a band called Mother, and they are actually good! Take a listen or catch them in a concert.

#2 Zosia Mamet: Flushing Ave building owner & a full time Bushwick resident

Speaking of HBO Girls... Zosia Mamet aka Shoshanna loved hanging out in Bushwick so much, she decided to live here full time. Back in January 2014, she and her boyfriend actor Evan Jonigkeit bought a building on Flushing Ave for over $1 million. Zosia was also spotted several times in Kave sipping on her hot beverage.

#3 Jay Z & Bey: A royal couple dined at Roberta’s & apparently is not getting a divorce

The Carters apparently ate dinner (pizza?) at Bushwick’s pizza joint Roberta’s in March 2014, and we’ve got a very blurry Instagram photo to prove it (I mean seriously, when will they start making proper spy iPhones?) Anyway, we’ve heard a couple of strange rumours about the dinner: a) Beyonce apparently stormed out from the restaurant. b) Jay Z is said to have brought his own pepperoni. (wtf?) Anyway. The couple recently appeared all lovey dovey during MTV VMAs putting the rumours about their divorce to bed, although some experts say that tension showed during their kiss. (okay, I think we all are watching them a little bit too closely…)

#4 Dakota Fanning loves Cafe Ghia & we concur

Photo by Salpi Bezdjian of wikimedia commons

Dakota, you’re kinda perfect! So pretty with a hint of mystery, so talented and even smart. Former child star is now a 20-year old Hollywood actress who has recently appeared in a Twilight Saga movie and in Very Good Girls (which we loved!). Dakota is in her senior year at NYU studying women studies and so not wonder she gets hungry. And when she gets hungry, she wants her grass fed burger from Cafe Ghia (awarded the highest accolade amongst Bushwick burgers in this neighborhood by Bushwick Daily food editor Frances). Our source says that Dakota Fanning is Cafe Ghia’s favorite regular.

#5 Ben Stiller likes his juice green from Owl Juice Pub

Photo by Jiyang Chen Wikimedia Commons

Ben Stiller has spent quite some time in Bushwick thanks to his role in a movie When We Were Young (to be released in 2015). In fall of 2013 Ben was seen a couple of times hanging out around the Jefferson L train stop, picking up his coffee every morning at Owl Juice Pub or drinking his Evergreen Juice (which contains kale, spinach, ginger, pineapple and cucumber — sounds healthy!).

#6 Kanye West shot his music video at Brooklyn Fire Proof

Kanye West and his entourage. Photo via Brooklyn Fire Proof Tumblr.

2013 was a good year for Kanye. You know he recorded a studio album Yeezus, he decided to tie the knot with Kim Kardashian, he became a father, and ….he hang out in Bushwick. He shot a short film inspired by movie American Psycho over at Brooklyn Fire Proof.

#7 Jared Leto performed at Livestream Public

Photo by nicolas genin via Wikimedia Commons

We were a little worried about what’s going to happen with 195 Morgan Ave building after 3rd Ward went bankrupt but it turns out the building is in good hands! Start up Livestream took it over enjoying the sudden space after they left the Google building in Chelsea. And not only that. Thanks to Livestream, Bushwick saw Jared Leto performing an acoustic set just two weeks ago in an impromptu show. Jared told the Livestream guys that he knows Bushwick and he’s been here before, and enjoys its lively raw pioneer vibe.

#8 Anne Hathaway, so pretty in the rain likes Goodbye Blue Monday

Anne Hathaway (photo via Wikimedia Commons)

In June 2013 Goodbye Blue Monday passersby with good timing may have caught a glimpse of a rain poncho-clad, surprisingly short but totally beautiful, Anne Hathaway. Lovely and talented Anne was on break outside during the shoot of Song One, in which Hathaway played an archaeologist who returns home from a dig when her brother ends up in a coma.

#9 Morgan Freeman ate a sandwich from Big Boy Deli at Myrtle Broadway JMZ stop

Photo by David Sifry via Wikimedia Commons

Morning commute last year in August got much more exciting for the Bushwickians living off Myrtle Broadway JMZ stop. Morgan Freeman and Diane Keaton were shooting a movie at a staircase. They’restarring as a couple selling their apartment and reflecting on their life together. The best part is that superstar Morgan Freeman was later in the day spotted at Big Boy Deli. Yes, even Morgan gets hungry. Watch the movie, 5 Flights Up, here. 

#10 Clintons dined at Roberta’s (of course)


September 2012 Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton decided to find out for themselves about what’s going on with all the hype around Roberta’s. I mean it’s just pizza, right? Damn good but just pizza. Anyhow, they went, closed down the entire place and enjoyed a nice family moment. Oh, did you know that Bill is vegan?

#11 Lea DeLaria from Orange Is The New Black hangs out on and off Jefferson L

Photo by Greg Hernandez via Wikimedia Commons

Lea is so cool! Not only she has performed stand-up comedy for over 25 years and is a prominent figure in the world of LGBT comedy, starred in Orange is the New Black she also likes to hang out in Bushwick. She has been spotted hanging out around Jefferson L train stop, getting on and off the train. You know, like everybody else!

#12 & #13 Dev Hynes aka Blood Orange & his girlfriend Samantha Urbani from Friends live & love Bushwick

Devonté “Dev” Hynes also known as Blood Orange and his girlfriend Samantha Urbani, a lead singer from Friends did not only come to Bushwick as a pretty famous couple. In fact they both started here. They can be frequently seen shopping late night at Brooklyn Natural, getting on and off the train at Jefferson L train stop, and Dev’s music video “Time Will Tell” from his Cupid Deluxe album is also rumored to have been filmed in a loft building off Jefferson.

#12 Madonna bought half of Bushwick (and, I am laughing so hard as I write this…)

Photo by Olavtenbroek via Wikimedia Commons

Guys, one of the best moments in Bushwick I experience (and celebrate) is when somebody leans to me and in a secretive voice tells me this super-Bushwick-insider information that Madonna bought three upper floors of Cheap Storage building on 49 Wyckoff Ave. Then I lean back and in an equally secretive voice I tell them: “I know. We made it up at Bushwick Daily.” An immortal Bushwick April Fools prank was taken seriously by NY Observer (cheers!) and even by Occupy Bushwick who got really pissed on their Facebook page about this. Awww. Sorry, guys, but this is so cute!

So let’s see what Madonna’s fake plans for renovation include:  “a dance studio, a biannual space for ongoing children’s macrame workshops, a latex clothing company entitled “Wrap Me,” a bi-weekly reading room for Adoptive Parents of Strictly Non-American Children (co-owned by Brangelina) and, most excitingly, a Raw Vegan Fruitarian Farm-to-Table restaurant that is rumored to showcase a rooftop lounge, organic miniature farm animals and a barmitzvah room.”

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