I mean… This is pretty simple. Without certain particular things and people life in Bushwick wouldn’t be as colorful, as entertaining and as …. Bushwicky as it is now. And thank god for them! You know, Evergreen Avenue wouldn’t be so much fun if you didn’t have a bike and couldn’t ride it down happy as a kid. Bushwick wouldn’t be as beautiful without a sudden slot between two warehouses that offers amazing sight of the Manhattan skyline that surprises you again and again on Cypress. Most certainly you grew fonder of Bushwick because of the rain deer graffiti on Troutman. And if Frank Rathbone, a musician, a guitar player and a frontman of a cult Bushwick band Photon Dynamo and the Shiny Pieces moved away from Bushwick tomorrow, the entire neighborhood would have to close down. For sure!

Frank gives you a high five or a funky hand shake whenever you meet him. Frank buys you a brownie when you keep forgetting to eat. Entire Bushwick migrates to different parts of Brooklyn whenever Photon plays outside of the neighborhood. Frank hosts an open mic and encourages all other musicians to come and play. Frank simply is and you want to be his friend. Frank is simply a Bushwick icon and a prototype of a Bushwick resident.