Julian Howard and Aliza Kelly Faragher – Outlet Fine Art Gallery – Wilson Ave (all photographs by Peter Dressel)

Our contributing photographer Peter Dressel has been pretty busy as his photography book project about Bushwick people continues. His goal is to document artists and residents of Bushwick in this particular moment “before it becomes Williamsburg,” Peter says not entirely optimistically. Nevertheless, his photographs look amazing and we are happy to feature another 12 portraits from the series. (Check out the previous installment here).

Peter Dressel has been working on his Bushwick project since 2009.

Barber Shop – Wilson Ave


Jessica Ralli and Michelle Blair Gabriel – Soft Clothing – Johnson Ave
Mary von Aue – Broadway
Brian, Deb and Dominic Douglas – Harman St


Michael Scoggins – Grattan St


Gabriel, Noella and Nicolas Rodriguez – Covert St
Ruth Mandl and Bobby Johnson – Co Adaptive Architecture – Bogart St
Lisa Levy – Boerum St


Bianca Dorsey – Evergreen Ave


Steve Harris – Evergreen Ave
Jennifer Simmons – Myrtle Ave