Of the 37,310 NYPD calls for service this year from Precinct 83, which encompasses Bushwick, about 90 percent were flagged as “Non Crime in Progress” and the largest number of calls fell under the type descriptions “See Complainant” and “Visibility Patrol.”

This is according to data released by NYPD on NYC Open Data, which spans this year through June. That number is also up 12.8 percent from that same time period in 2020. 

Per the description provided with the data, each entry in the dataset represents an entry into the NYPD 911 system: the Intergraph Computer Aided Dispatch System or ICAD. This is the system used by call takers and dispatchers to communicate with callers and NYPD.

The data includes “entries generated by members of the public as well as self-initiated entries by NYPD Members of Service.”

Most calls, 92.6 percent, were flagged as “Non CIP” or “Non Crime in Progress.” This category includes “crimes that occurred in the past and incidents that are in NYPD’s jurisdiction but are not criminal in nature.”

Of the remaining calls, a little over half or 53.7 percent were “Non-Critical,” meaning, roughly speaking, that they did not involve theft or violent crime. More precise definitions are available here.

Graph of categories and number of entries in each, along with percentages.
AMBULANCE	3746	10.0%
ROBBERY	129	0.3%
LARCENY	1012	2.7%
DISPUTE	2552	6.8%
FIRE	490	1.3%
ALARMS	1176	3.2%
VEHICLE	2526	6.8%
ASSAULT	825	2.2%
DISORDERLY	1035	2.8%
OTHER	1953	5.2%
This list is not exhaustive and categories were not mutually exclusive. (Nicole Allen Viana)

Call type descriptions, based on radio codes, fell into many categories, which themselves have various subcategories. Categories included visibility patrol, alarms, ambulance cases, assault, robbery, fire, larceny, disputes, a house of worship visit and community time.

The largest number of entries fell under the category “See Complainant” with the second largest number falling under “Visibility Patrol,” with 19.9 percent and 18.4 percent respectively. Ambulance calls accounted for about 10 percent of total calls.

Top image from Diplomatic Security Service via Creative Commons.

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