All Photos by Maria Gotay, taken at Rubulad’s old space

As a longtime Rubulad fans, we were beyond ecstatic when we received a press release about their upcoming Valentine’s Day Party, Love Unlimited! If you’re unfamiliar, Rubulad is one of Brooklyn’s best underground parties – so underground in fact that they don’t have any official web presence! Their events bring people of all walks to life and all ages (well, 21+) to get together and experience top-notch entertainment. Combining art, music, performance art, costumes, incredible decour and general bacchanalia, Rubulad creates unforgettably great nights. The party will take place in an all-new venue off the Jefferson L stop that is “truly astounding”. But that’s not all…if all goes well, they’ll keep the space as their own venue and continue pumping parties out for a long time to come. We all need more Rubulad in our lives…

Here’s some info about how amazing this party is going to be… If you want a summary, pay attention to the following terms: Fire Dancers, 40-woman AfroBrazliain drumming band, Friend Roulette, South African-tinged jazz-blues band, DJs, Cabaret, Harpist, Flying Aerialists, Roberta’s Pizza, Film Fest, Light Circus Extraordinaire, Free limo rides, Costumes, all around AWESOMENESS.


For Love Unlimited, Rubulad invites you to experience a new space. We are not ones for overblown hyperbole but this venue is truly astounding. This former glassmaking factory is vast expanse of polished concrete with cavernous ceilings, glittering windows and enough square footage to seriously leave you gaping. Seriously. Sweeping metal staircases open onto an endless gravel courtyard of architectural oddities. This ample outdoor area offers fortress-like privacy where stubborn smokers will have extra elbow room and fire spinners will be able to perform with a dozen or two of their fellow conclave members.


Live music will echo off the turn-of-the-century brick, featuring Batala, New York City’s only AfroBrazilian Samba Reggae drumming band comprised of 40 women; Morricone Youth, the septet dedicated to performing archival film and television soundtracks; the South African-tinged jazz-blues-improvisational band Swirling Lotus Blossom Bandits; Friend Roulette: “at one moment, beautifully melodic chamber pop while at the next, cacophonous tribal psych,” and more!


Your DJs Ursula 1000, Dirty Finger and Vintage DJ will be able to pump up the volume like never before and really show you the dancefloor love.


In the cozy Cabaret Room, dark and adorable duet XNY “breaks the boundaries of genres and somehow combines chaos and simplicity, controversial comedienne and songwriter Jessica Delfino will have you cracking up, and dj stereOtype will accompany harpist Mia Theodoratus.


And up in the air? Dangling from the soaring second story struts, Knotworld presents the Flying Lovers Aerial Bouquet.

Surprise acts will be added up to the evening of the event!

Feast to your heart’s content on scrumptious food from Bushwick’s Roberta’s Pizza. Take your paramour for a spin on The Homespun Merry-Go-Round. Share in the dazzling visuals of Norm Francoeur’s Light Circus Extraordinaire. Sneak an arm around your date while distracted by G Scopitronic’s Non-Stop Film Fest.

Don’t be a-skeered of the stroll from the subway! Swanky limo rides between the Jefferson St. stop and the space will be provided by Harvey the Magic RV and Sweetie’s Cargo Service.

Dress? Now’s your chance to wear that enormous costume that you were always afraid would take up too much real estate! YOU, too, can be an art installation! Wear layers, as you will want to explore the expansive outdoor spaces. Cupid “Shot Through the Heart,” online dating reject, Queen (or King) of Hearts, and romantic dancing diva-all eras: Charleston marathoner, 50’s bobbysoxer, Warhol Factory go-go darling, 70’s disco heartbreaker, 80’s “Like a Virgin,” 90’s grunge androgyne, 00’s candy raver or merely RED!


Lastly, have you ever longed to become a part of the Rubulad family and really run away with the circus? Moving into the future and expanding into this space will offer opportunities to new and unusual attractions. If you have an extra-large art installation, 200-piece musical ensemble, an irresistable fashion show, stilt-dancing troupe or other ridiculous creative endeavor that hasn’t found a home, please let us know!


WHAT: Rubulad’s “Love Unlimited”

WHEN: Saturday, February 9

TIME: 9pm till 4:30am

WHERE: Super Special Secret Location near the Jefferson St. stop ofthe L Train! Get the hush-hush instructions here

COVER: $10 before 10pm, $15 all night in costume or if you’re wearing wings, $20 otherwise. TICKETS ONLY AT THE DOOR.

Taken at Rubulad’s old space- 2007/8

We will see you there! Get more info here. Tickets available AT THE DOOR ONLY.